Pocket Card Jockey (3DS) is making a comeback, but…

After a trademark filing that foreshadowed the return of a strong Game Freak title to 3DSit appears that Pocket Card Jockey will actually come back to put horse racing in your solitaire games. But don’t look at Nintendo, or even Sony or Microsoft.

We could have become accustomed to seeing the opposite scenario, namely titles available on mobiles coming to invite themselves on traditional game consoles. Let us quote the sympathetic CLAP HANZ GOLF or the most inflated VARIOUS DAYLIFE.


On Tuesday, the Japanese developer Game Freak (Pokémon) announced that next Friday January 20 will mark the arrival of Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! on Apple Arcade. This is what this mysterious trademark registration observed a few weeks ago corresponded to.

Pocket Card Jockey Ride On on Apple Arcade: port riquiqui or enriched?

Pocket Card Jockey was originally released on the Japanese 3DS eShop in 2013, and took three years to arrive in the West. What can we expect seeing it tumble on iOS? Game Freak states that racing passages are now 3D, and the rest of the game looks unchanged:

“Players will work their way to victory by clearing cards with sequential numbers in quick succession. The more cards they clear, the better their horse’s mood, allowing them to recharge their energy during races.”

“The position of their horse on the track determines the difficulty of their solo rounds. There are also special cards they can pick up if they run over them during the race. These cards provide a variety of benefits, including upgrading their horse, learning new skills, or improving their performance in a race.”

“Once their mount is fully charged and in the home stretch, they will need to sprint hard to claim victory. As they prepare for upcoming races, players will be able to take the horses they have bred on the racetrack and mate them on the farm.”

Given that the 3DS eShop will close in a few months, it wouldn’t be unlikely that this Apple Arcade version would eventually land on Switch.

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