A few days ago, Netflix subscribers were able to find one of the platform’s flagship series: we are obviously talking to you about the second season ofAlice in Borderland, whose season 2 broke viewing records. It must be said that fans have been waiting for two years to find Arisu and his friends after the huge cliffhanger of the first season finale.

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They were not disappointed, since the sequel was just as grandiose. However, some have noticed that netflix changed a detail in the Alice in Borderland season 2 finale from the manga. Riisa Nakaone of the main actresses of the series, spoke about this small change.

A story of tea…

In Alice in Borderland, Riisa Naka embodies Mira, one of the executives of La Plage. But at the end of season 1, we discover that the young woman is in fact the Queen of Hearts, an important citizen of the Borderlands. We find her in the sequel, especially towards the end when Arisu and Usagi pass the final tests. Mira and Arisu then engage in a lot of psychological games and duels, during which she will do everything to mentally break the hero.

In the manga, Mira drugs Arisu with tea to throw him into a hallucination and make him forfeit the final trial. In the Netflix series, however, the young woman just uses her voice and words to hypnotize him and plunge him into a world of illusion. A detail of nothing at all for some, but which gives a whole new meaning to the character if we are to believe Riisa Naka.

It fits the character better

During an interview with TV Guide (via Screen Rant), Riisa Naka explained that drugging Arisu didn’t fit with Mira’s personality. The actress indeed points out that the character is a “master” in Borderlands, in which case, why use drugs to trick and submit the players? She said the idea to change that detail with the tea came from the film’s director.

“Based on the original manga story, I believe that at first Arisu takes his medicine and then he enters this world of hallucinations. [Shinsuke Sato] the director said it was a bit unfair. Mira is the mistress of all these games, she is the key character. Why would she borrow or use the power of science then? So we came up with an approach where we would use his words to be more hypnotic and then take him from that reality to that hallucinatory stage. But meanwhile, Usagi is the one who saves him because of their friendship or love. She is able to do it and then at the end they have this great victory. »

The eight episodes ofAlice in Borderland season 2 are available on netflix since December 22. Fans are already waiting for a third season, even if nothing is sure yet.

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