The first week of January is quiet on Netflix: the streaming giant is only offering two new films for the next few days. On the menu: drama, but above all thrilling investigations that could well turn your brain. Fans of detective films will be served.

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How I Became a Gangster – Drama, Crime

In this Polish production, we follow the journeys of an ambitious gangster. The latter is ready to do anything to find a place of choice in the underworld of Warsaw. The film tells how he will climb the ladder little by little, until he reaches the top. But how far did he go to climb ever higher and seize his chance when the time came? Head over to Netflix to find out!

The Pale Blue Eye – Drama, Thriller

Fans of dark and somewhat gloomy investigations, this new film with Christian Bale is for you! The story takes place in 1830 and follows Augustus Landor, a seasoned detective who investigates a gruesome murder at the United States Military Academy at West Point. However, the man comes up against the silence of the soldiers and decides to recruit a young cadet to be his eyes and ears inside the Academy. The young cadet in question is called Edgar Allan Poe…

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