Next game from Team Ico alumni (The Last Guardian) could be announced in 2023

By sharing its wishes for the new year, the GenDESIGN studio, made up of former Team ICOhas strongly hinted that its next title could be announced in 2023. A game that will not follow any other from creator Fumito Ueda, including the latest The Last Guardian.

When Fumito Ueda left the Team ICO and the bosom of Sony to develop new independent adventures, it was not insulting him to say that we were not wildly awaiting his next title. Because The Last Guardianhis latest creation, had still remained seven years in the belly of his parents.

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Now that a more or less equivalent gap has been observed since the formation of genDESIGN, the expectation can seriously begin to arise for the studio’s first title. And reading genDESIGN’s wishes for the new year, it is very likely that the first information about the game will be communicated in 2023.

genDESIGN, ex-Team ICO, is recruiting for its “ongoing projects”

Here is the message published by the studio on its Twitter account:

“Good year !

Finally, a year with a lot to tell you! We’re working hard to make this a great year for you, so rejoice.
We look forward to working with you in the new year.”

Is the title in question finished? The question may arise since, in the process, job offers are published:

“genDESIGN is currently looking for new employees, both career and recent graduates, to join us in our ongoing development projects.”

More than one title would therefore be in development on the side of geDESIGN. As a reminder, in 2018, Fumito Ueda spoke of a new game with no diminished ambition compared to the previous one:

“What we’re doing doesn’t look like an indie game. We are ultimately looking to create something on the same scale as The Last Guardian, ICO or Shadow of The Colossus (…). This will be an entirely new title and not a sequel.“.

Source : Twitter @genDESIGN_Inc (via VGC)

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