There are only a few hours left before we move on to the new year. Nevertheless, it is clear that the japanimation and manga industry never takes a rest. Just a few hours ago, Hirohiko Araki, the creator of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure revealed new details about the ninth part of his manga.

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We tell you all about the news around this JoJo Lands.

And new for Araki!

Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders, Diamond Is Unbreakable, Golden Wind, Stone Ocean, Steel Ball Run, JoJolion. Just reading these titles, it is easy to realize that the universe of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is simply immense.

With eight bows already on the clock, all equally unique in their own way, Hirohiko Araki’s imagination seems to know no bounds. And while you might think you’ve seen everything in his work, the Japanese artist will soon be back with a ninth part for his manga.

Entitled JoJo Lands, this new arc of the manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, is the direct sequel to the eighth JoJolion arc. Announced several months ago by Araki himself, very little had been revealed about the content of said arc. But for a few hours, this is no longer the case.

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The advent of a new Joestar

Just a few weeks ago, Netflix aired the finale of the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. And for those who saw it, the story took a completely unexpected turn. From the seventh arc entitled Steel Ball Run, the plot around the line of Joestar is quite upside down with the establishment of a parallel world.

If you still haven’t watched Stone Ocean, you might just be struggling to find your bearings. But we won’t say more to avoid revealing too much. To return to JoJo Lands, we note that this part is in line with the events of Steel Ball Run and JoJolion.

As for the release date of JoJo Lands, Hirohiko Araki revealed that the sequel to his manga will make its grand debut on February 17, 2023. The winter of 2023 is therefore already shaping up to be very intense for the franchise with 9 arcs. And as you saw above, Araki released new art to announce it in the most beautiful way to the fans.

What do you think of this new update on the ninth JoJo Lands arc? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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