Google would have gladly done without this uncomfortable news. Behind its very attractive look, the Pixel 7 series would hide some weaknesses. This is at least the conclusion that emerges from the feedback made by many smartphone users in recent days. The glass protecting the rear camera of the device would break for no apparent reason.


However, at the launch of the series in October, the Mountain View giant put forward the argument of the solidity of its devices. Sales of the Pixel 7 could therefore take a hit if nothing is done quickly to elucidate this rather strange case. Especially since Google now sees very big for the future of pixel phones.

A probable manufacturing defect widely commented on the networks

When you pay a little over €600 to get a latest generation smartphone like the Google Pixel 7, you certainly don’t expect such an unfortunate situation. Especially since at the launch of the device, Google made a point of honor on the quality and resistance of the materials that made it possible to manufacture it.

Although the Google Pixel 7 enjoys a very good reputation, everything is far from perfect at its level. Two months after its release, the smartphone is experiencing its first unfavorable feedback. Indeed, several users have announced that they have discovered a design flaw on the Pixels 7 and 7 Pro. The problem would be at the level of the glass of the rear camera which breaks without any external force having been exerted.

The news created a chain reaction. Several users have posted photos of the shattered glass covering the rear cameras of their Pixel 7 and 7 Pro on Twitter and Reddit. Worse, damaged glass reveals cavities where dust can easily lodge. This can ultimately render the rear photo sensors of the device unusable. The hashtag #pixel7brokencamera has also been widely taken up by users to express their dissatisfaction.

The source of the problem not yet elucidated

So far, no one has yet succeeded in explaining concretely what is happening. We simply note that the breaks occur without the devices in question having suffered a fall. However, some users have advanced the track of the sudden temperature change. This last track seems more plausible. But in any case, Google is questioned by users, because apparently it would be a manufacturing defect.

For now, Google has not really commented on the situation. The tech giant merely said it was aware of the problem. All eyes are therefore on the company to provide answers as quickly as possible to this major problem, which necessarily limits the user experience of Pixels 7 and 7 Pro.

If Google were to recognize its fault, there is a good chance that the users concerned will obtain the free repair of their phone, provided that it is under warranty. This situation is eerily reminiscent of what happened to the Pixel 6 series last year. Eventually, Google should think about a definitive solution to strengthen the resistance of the glass of its photo module. What is at stake is Google’s reputation in a market where competition is very tough.

Source: Android Police

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