La fusée Long March 3B transportant le satellite Shiyan-10 02

the last launch of a rocket by the China during this year 2022 has had unintended consequences. On Thursday, December 29, the country launched the satellite Shiyan-10 02 which will be used to test new space technologies such as environmental control from space. But after takeoff, Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA) emitted an alert regarding the potential fall of debris from the launcher.

The rocket that carried the satellite was a Long March 3B Chinese. It took off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

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A debris alert

In a statement released after the launch of the Chinese rocket, the PhilSA recommended “precautionary measures related to undisintegrated debris from the Long March 3B rocket”.

The PhilSA has issued a notice to all relevant government agencies in the estimated fall area. She also proposed issuing appropriate warnings on air and sea access. The remains of the rocket, including boosters and fairing, were estimated to fall into a drop zone near Recto bank.

The PhilSA reported that while they are not expected to fall on land or populated areas in Philippine territory, the Debris is a potential hazard and risk for ships, planes, fishing boats and other watercraft passing through the drop zone.

Other possibilities

PhilSA officials added that the drop zone could change due to various factors such as the rotation of the Earth, the weather, or even climatic conditions.

According to the agency, there is also a possibility that debris floats around the area and washes up on surrounding coastlines. Nor can we rule out the possibility that upper stages already in space will fall back to Earth in an uncontrolled manner.

In the face of this threat, the Philippine space agency also did not fail to reiterate its previous advice to the public which states do not approach suspicious debrisbut it is necessary immediately notify local authorities. This debris may indeed contain remains of toxic products such as rocket fuel.


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