Jenna Ortega requested changes to this costume

Jenna Ortega was catapulted to stardom by Wednesday. Indeed, since the release of this Netflix series, we see the young actress everywhere. Jenna Ortega wowed millions with her portrayal of Wednesday Addams. Her performance was acclaimed by both critics and Addams Family fans alike.

What is certain is that Jenna Ortega fully deserves her current success. The actress has indeed invested a lot for this role. In addition to having had to learn several instruments, the latter had to practice different sports. But Jenna Ortega’s investment does not stop there.

Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers in Wednesday – Netflix Credits

As we learn in a new interview with the site ComicBook, the interpreter of Wednesday is also involved in the creation of certain dialogues.

Jenna Ortega lobbied producers

Wednesday is known for her sarcasm and acerbic tone. In episodes of the series, she can often be found insulting her new comrades at Nevermore Academy. While it’s never done too mean, Jenna Ortega said she had to edit some dialogue.

The actress pressured producers to change some lines. For her, it was important that viewers could continue to identify with Wednesday on certain levels.

“I remember a line where I was talking about a dress, and initially it was supposed to say, ‘Oh my God, I’m crazy about this dress, I literally hate myself.’ And I was surprised because it sounded like – it was just a bunch of little stuff like that. I felt that we could avoid several dialogues to try to make her human. »

A character you can identify with

Wednesday behaves like many teenagers. Through his attitude, many young people of his age can identify. And the fact that she practices several activities, such as the cello, archery or even dance, contributes to this. Indeed, each teenager who practices one or more of Wednesday’s activities can identify with her.

In summary, Wednesday Addams has succeeded in his seduction operation. This is why it will return for a season 2. Even if the renewal of the series has not yet been formalized, the last episode clearly indicates that Wednesday will return to Netflix.

Nevertheless, while waiting for the release of this sequel, it will take a lot of patience.

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