Game of Thrones spin-offs in danger because of Warner?

Spectators have thrilled for several years to the rhythm of the broadcast of Game Of Thrones. A series that we owe to HBO based on the novels of George RR Martin. Faced with immense commercial and critical success, it did not take long for the channel to find the author and launches a first spin-off called House of the Dragon.

Started this year 2022, this series takes place long before Game Of Thrones and follows House Targaryen, its fall, and the ensuing civil war called Dance of the Dragons. But HBO also took advantage of this enthusiasm to announce the start of construction of a spin-off centered on Jon Snow. For the occasion, Kit Harington will even resume his role!

Except that you are not unaware that HBO is at Warner. Its recent takeover by Discovery has shaken all studio plansprimarily for DC Comics productions.

George RR Martin himself has therefore takes stock of the situation from his blog (via ScreenRant).

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The author reveals that the spin-offs of Game Of Thrones may be in danger.

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“All the changes […] had an impact on us, for sure”

Warner has turned all its plans upside down since its takeover by Discovery. Canceled films including Batgirl, closing of HBO Max, nothing is going well. George RR Martin therefore took the floor, on his blog, to talk about the spin-offs of Game Of Thrones and the current state of affairs.

I took several days off for the holidays, I admit. Shame on me, I guess. But now I’m back to work on so many bloody things my head may soon explode. Yes, Winds of Winter. Yes, season 2 of House of the Dragon. And several other successful series developed with HBO. Some move faster than others. None have been approved yet but hopefully, maybe soon. Some have been put aside but I wouldn’t say they are dead.

You can take something off the shelf as easily as you can put it back. All the changes at HBO Max have had an impact on us, for sure.

George RR Martin

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