Diego Luna (Cassian Andor) posts a moving message for Star Wars fans

Andor came as a huge surprise to Star Wars fans. After Obi-Wan Kenobi which turned out to be a little disappointing, this prequel to RogueOne ushers the franchise into a new era. That realistic approach with characters without powers who fight against the fascism of the Empire. While the second season is preparing, the first was the occasion of a surprising scene during episode 6.

Interviewed by Collider (via ScreenRant), Diego Luna, who stars as Cassian Andor, reveals the reasons for his character’s gesture.

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Attention, do not read the lines to follow if you have not watched episode 6 of the series Andor on Disney+.

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A decision made to save his team

In episode 6 of the series Andor, Cassian Andor kills Arvel Skeen. A character who, while a doctor operates on Nemik who was seriously injured during a heist, reveals his true nature. Arvel Skeen wishes share the money stolen from the Empire during the flight with Cassian Andor who, in response, shoots him.

A radical response that Diego Luna explains in an interview for Collider.

[Cassian Andor] has just had his first experience of teamwork, that is, to entrust one’s life to others. He goes through this with this team and he realizes that he shouldn’t have trusted [Arvel Skeen]. He realizes how dangerous someone you don’t trust can be when you come up with a perilous plan or something.

In fact, everyone should be trusted. And running away is dangerous […] You have to believe in the person next to you. Not just because you can believe her but because she will keep her word. He realizes that he is next to someone who did not want to put himself in danger. It’s interesting to see why or how quickly the character makes choices that will define them.

I mean, the season starts like this, basically with him finding out he has to kill this person. It’s the second time it’s happened and he tells you that he is not afraid to make a complicated choicethat he takes care of his whole team.

Diego Luna

If Cassian Andor’s first murder was to save himself, Arvel Skeen’s is to save his team.

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