With new content on Amazon Prime Video, you will spend a wonderful end of the year with family or friends. Indeed, like every week, the streaming service adds films, series and documentaries to its catalog. And to close this year rich in content, it still offers series adapted to all tastes.

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After the Christmas party, you will also celebrate the end of the year as it should be, with a special program. Have fun and enjoy yourself with these 3 series added to Amazon Prime Video from December 28, 2022.

Peacemaker – Season 1 – Amazon Exclusive

Broadcasting date : December 30

Genres: Superheroes, Comedy and Action

Director: james gunn

Summary: This television series is the first in the DC Cinematic Universe, and it revolves around Peacemaker, a character from publisher DC Comics. The events recounted here are part of the sequel to the film “The Suicide Squad”. The series also stars actors John Cena (Peacemaker), Danielle Brooks (Leota Adebayo), Freddie Stroma (Vigilante), Chukwudi Iwuji (Clemson Murn), and Robert Patrick (White Dragon).

The plot begins with a Task Force X mission to the island of Corto Maltese. During the operation, Christopher Smith, aka the Peacemaker, confronts Bloodsport, but he is defeated. Left for dead, he is abandoned by his team. However, he actually survived. He will be found later by Amanda Waller who will entrust him with new missions.

Love Addicts – Season 1 – Amazon Original

Broadcasting date : December 31st

Genres: Comedy, Drama and Adventure

Director: Arabella Bartsch and Janosch Chavez-Kreft

Summary: This new series will be officially released for the first time on December 31, 2022, on Amazon Prime Video. It is therefore an original production of the streaming and video on demand platform. As for her story, it is centered on Zoe. The latter is particularly known for her sexual escapades and unusual fantasies.

Tired of having to reproach her every time, Zoé’s boss then asks her to join the self-help group “Addicted to love”. There, she meets other people with similar problems: Nele, the romantic, Ben, the phobic of serious relationships, and Dennis, a Mr Noddy. Together, they will have to find the best way to combine sex and love.


FC Barcelona: A New Era – Season 1

Broadcasting date : December 28

Genres: Documentary and Sports

Production : Barca Studios

Summary: This week on Prime Video, you will also have the opportunity to follow a documentary series on football. For round leather lovers and FC Barcelona supporters, this remains an excellent end-of-year gift, to get to know the club and its environment better. Produced by Barça Studios, the series notably presents behind the scenes at the club over the past two years. These were particularly marked by two events: a new political and institutional direction, as well as a restructuring of the workforce of the first football team.

The story of this series begins with the terrible defeat of FC Barcelona against Bayern Munich (2-8), in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. In five 30-minute episodes, she will reveal every detail of match preparation and locker room organization. It will end with the 2022/23 pre-season, with star recruits including star Robert Lewandowski.

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