Denuvo tackles piracy on Switch

It seems that at some point, nintendo actually intended to release a more powerful version of its Switch. A model then canceled but which could be found, to a certain extent, in the next real console of the manufacturer.

It’s a tenacious subject in the mouths of many observers: a new technically improved Switch, because the difference alone from the original proposal would no longer be enough. As if Nintendo’s philosophy went hand in hand with current technology. It appears despite everything that the Japanese manufacturer actually had the idea of ​​marketing a more powerful version of its console.


A new podcast from the Digital Foundry team therefore tells us that Nintendo intended to put on the market, in the middle of the life cycle of its Switch, a new model intended to coexist with the previous ones.

Switch Pro: no announcement to be expected in 2023 according to Digital Foundry

The site relies on statements collected from developers wishing to remain anonymous. Nintendo would then have put an end to this “Switch Pro” project, possibly due to a shortage of components. Who knows, moreover, if the Switch OLED was not a way to revive the machine, in every sense of the word, without penalizing the first buyers.

Will the technical improvements planned for this “Switch Pro” be included as is in the console’s successor, or can we expect an even more powerful next platform? On the side of Digital Foundry, we hope in any case no announcement of this kind for the coming year. It must be said that the Switch is still doing very well and that its great exclusive Zelda has not yet been released.

And then Nintendo had let it be known last May via its president Shuntaro Furukawa that the transition between the Switch and its next machine was a “major concern” for the company. The example of the Wii U compared to the Wii is still in everyone’s mind, and we understand very well that Nintendo does not want to let success go to its head this time around.

Source: Digital Foundry YouTube account (via GoNintendo)

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