the editor says “moving at a good pace” on the subject

Recently questioned on accusations of harassment and a toxic climate withinUbisoft, the CEO of the company Yves Guillemot spoke of progress. As for the why of such an environment, the leader ventured to link the creative process to the need for a small dose of “friction”.

For several weeks, it would be easy to define Ubisoft as a company that has made Assassin’s Creed its cement. Or as a series disconnector. Whereas at the start of the year, the Montpellier publisher was still shaken internally by other important questions of a societal nature.

Last February, we had thus brought that the authors of an open letter denouncing cases of harassment, sexual misconduct and discrimination within Ubisoft had still not obtained the expected answers, 200 days later.

Ubisoft: “to create, you need a little friction”

Our Canadian colleagues from La Presse recently spoke with Yves Guillemot and Christophe Derennes, respectively CEO and Managing Director of Ubisoft. The question of the toxic climate was addressed at the end of the meeting, with the big boss called to explain whether, in his opinion, the problem has since been “settled”:

“We are really moving at a good pace. We talk about it less, we, in the company. We have put systems in place to resolve any problems that may have arisen. We are progressing very well to ensure that life in the company is as everyone wishes. We have an independent structure that allows us to go and say when something is wrong.”

As to why the video game industry is so concerned by this issue, Yves Guillemot allowed himself to evoke the need for “light friction” in the creative process:

“Because creating a video game is not easy. There is a challenge, from time to time a lot of tension. Techniques must be put in place to ensure that everyone succeeds in finding their place. To create, you need a little friction, because everyone has to succeed in getting their idea across. It’s a job that brings a lot of rewards when you succeed, but it’s difficult.”

Words that may have shocked and that their actor wanted to explain to Kotaku:

“I want to be clear, as I’ve said before, there is absolutely no place for toxicity at Ubisoft or in our industry. When I spoke of friction at times, I was thinking of the creative tension that is common and vital in innovative companies like ours, where people have the freedom to question ideas and have heated debates but healthy.”

And the CEO of Ubisoft for adding:

“To prevent this tension from turning negative or to address it if it does, this is where strong corresponding policies, values ​​and procedures are essential. Over the past two and a half years, we’ve come a long way on this front to deliver safe and great experiences for all of our teams. Healthy and respectful work environments are our top priority and we are happy to say that, according to our latest surveys, our team members take comfort in knowing that we are on the right track.”

Knowing that the “A Better Ubisoft” collective was taken aback by Yves Guillemot’s first statements on his company’s creative approach.

Source: The Press

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