This is very big news for hardcore webtoon fans. A few hours ago, it was announced that the hugely popular Korean webtoon lookism would get an anime adaptation. The news was accompanied by some exclusives not to be missed.

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While the announcement is very recent, what are the key information to remember? We tell you everything there is to know about the anime of Lookism.

Netflix sets out to conquer webtoons

After a few difficult months, the Netflix streaming platform is picking up the slack. After the remarkable releases of original series like The Sandman, the SVOD giant is picking up again with animated adaptations. And this time, Netflix is ​​casting off and leaving the land of the rising sun (Japan) to land in the land of calm mornings (South Korea).

After God of High School, Tower of God and of course Nobless, it is now around Lookism to make people talk about it. And let’s not even talk about webtoons such as Sweet Home, which have already had a television series adaptation. Netflix has announced that the Korean webtoon will receive an anime adaptation which will be produced by studio Mir. If this name means nothing to you, know that this Korean studio has become known by adapting titles like Legend of Korra or Dota: Dragon’s Blood.


Already a trailer

In addition to the name of the studio that will be responsible for the adaptation of Lookism, Netflix also revealed a lot of information during the Tudum event. One of them is that the anime will make its grand debut on November 4th on the streaming platform. Suffice to say that it will not be necessary to wait very long before discovering it.

In addition, you can already watch the first anime trailer on Netflix’s YouTube channel. If you have fine hearing and are also a fan of K-pop music, you will most certainly have recognized the voices of the members of the boy band ATEEZ. The latter interpret the opening theme of the anime. Check out the trailer below:

The plot of Lookism

The story of his manhwa revolves around a young overweight boy named Park Hyeong-seok. This boy who wouldn’t hurt a fly is targeted by his comrades. Tired of being the head of the Turk in his class, he does everything to change schools. Moving to settle in Seoul, he thinks he can turn the page and no longer have to suffer bullying. Unfortunately for Hyeong-seok, he is again harassed and humiliated.

While he is at the end of the abyss, something improbable is going to happen. One fine morning, Hyeon-seok wakes up totally different. His chubby body gave way to a slender and muscular body. Moreover, he no longer has a sight problem and can do without his glasses. Not believing his eyes, he quickly realizes that this is not a dream. Park Hyeong-seok doesn’t know it yet, but this miraculous transformation will drastically change his life.

Everything about this webtoon

For lovers of webtoons, Lookism is no longer a title to present. It was in 2014 that the artist Park Tae-joon created his Seinen genre manhwa. Serialized since then on Line and Never Webtoon, Lookism has 406 chapters to date. Apart from the large number of chapters, this webtoon has more than 8 billion views around the world.

And if you didn’t know, this isn’t the very first time Lookism has had an adaptation. Before Netflix laid eyes on this webtoon, a Chinese production company made a 38-episode live-action series in 2019. That said, it should be noted that this adaptation was not very faithful to Park Tae-joon’s original work.

What do you think of the adaptation of the webtoon Lookism? Did you already know this work? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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