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It’s not just Marvel that makes noise! DC also has no shortage of projects and blockbusters to offer its fans: the latter are eager to discover “Black Adam” coming to theaters soon. The expectation is at its height, the trailers of the film indeed promise heavy. It must be said that the character of Black Adam is known to be really very powerful, so powerful that he would even be able to defeat Superman!

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Many fans are rightly hoping that Black Adam and the Man of Steel will cross paths in the DCEU for an epic clash. Dwayne Johnson wants it too! Recent rumors even run about it: indeed, if we are to believe film critic Grace Randolph, DC is preparing a huge DCEU crossover with Black Adam VS the Justice League VS the Suicide Squad.

These crazy rumors have reacted David Sandberg, the director of the films Shazam! 1 and 2.

David Sandberg is skeptical

It was on Twitter that rumors about a Black Adam VS Justice League VS Suicide Squad movie were launched: “According to Grace Randolph, Dwayne Johnson is supposed to pitch a ‘Black Adam vs. Justice League vs. Suicide Squad’ movie. Perhaps the appearances of Amanda Waller, Harcourt, Superman… in #BlackAdam Movie led to this event”tweeted The DC Syndicate.

David Sandberg was quick to react to the news given the bond that binds Shazam and Black Adam. Both are true Nemesis, black adam being the evil version of Shazam. For Sandberg, logic would therefore dictate that it is these two who face each other in a film: “I have no idea if it’s true or not”he tweeted about the rumors. “But it would be pretty funny if Black Adam fought every DC character except Shazam. »

In any case, all this information obviously remains to be taken with a grain of salt for the moment. DC has not made any official statements on the subject and we will surely have to wait for the results in theaters. black adam to know more. The film hits theaters on October 21.

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