Windows 11 22H2 - Lags GPU NVIDIA

The new version of Windows 11, namely Windows 11 22H2, seems to cause problems for gamers who see a sharp drop in performance on NVIDIA graphics cards.

According to the posts posted on different platforms, including Microsoft’s forum, some users are experiencing issues while playing games since installing the Windows 11 22H2 update. There would be very significant slowdowns, with an underutilized processor, which gives the impression that the machine stutters for lack of resources, and untimely blockages.

First example, on Reddit, a user says: “I faced insane slowdown in games. My CPU usage in games has dropped significantly, in some cases from 80% down to 5%. I just reverted to the latest update and my gaming experience is much better.

Second example, still on Reddit, another user says: “I just upgraded to 22H2 and am dealing with extremely choppy FPS in all of my games. I have good specs for gaming and never had any issues before (Ryzen 3600, 1070 TI, 16GB RAM). The games are virtually unplayable.” – By reading these different reports, we can understand the frustration when we have slowdowns with a configuration based on an i9-12900k processor and a 3080ti graphics card….

What is certain is that the slowdowns are linked to this new version of Windows 11 22H2 because by going back, the problem disappears!

Microsoft and NVIDIA will probably look into the problem to come up with a solution. Moreover, NVIDIA has already told users to report bugs on Reddit to get as much information as possible and facilitate debugging. In the meantime, if you are using an NVIDIA graphics card, you are on Windows 11 and you plan to play this weekend, avoid installing the 22H2 version because the party will surely be ruined… To be continued.


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