Pierce Brosnan is watching the new movies!

Each generation is entitled to its James Bond. The British secret agent is a reflection of an era and evolves like our society. It is no coincidence that Dying can wait leaves more room for women with another 007 agent camped by Lashana Lynch.

For simplicity, every generation has its own James Bond! Children of the 90s especially remember Pierce Brosnan who portrayed the character in GoldenEye, tomorrow never dies, The world is not enough and die another day.

But the actor did not limit his career to the British secret agent, quite the contrary. The man has appeared in several films and will soon be Doctor Fate in black adam. The opportunity for him to cross paths with Dwayne Johnson in this DC Comics production that promises a lot! Inevitably, in full promotion of the feature film, Pierce Brosnan is asked about… James Bond.

Interviewed by QG (via Heroic Hollywood), Pierce Brosnan reveals that he continued to watch James Bond films after bidding farewell to the character.

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The actor also wants good luck to Daniel Craig’s successor.

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The actor liked Skyfall a lot but not Die Can Wait

Pierce Brosnan is keeping an eye on James Bond. It is after die another dayin 2002, that the actor bowed out as 007. But that didn’t stop him to watch movies.

Interviewed by QG, ​​Pierce Brosnan reveals that he has been keeping up to date with the franchise for 20 years: “ I saw the movie, I saw Skyfall which I loved “. But the actor was not necessarily thrilled by Dying can wait : “ I’m not too sure about the last one. Daniel [Craig] always show heart. Very brave, very strong. But… “.

QG took advantage of his moment with Pierce Brosnan to ask him about of his preference to reprise the role of James Bond. Remember that MGM is now looking for a younger actor to portray the hero in the long term, 10 to 12 years.

But faced with this question, Pierce Brosnan admits that he does not have a favorite and does not care: “ Who should take over the role? I do not care. It will be interesting to see who gets chosen. Whatever the choice, I wish him good luck “.

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