The seasons follow one another Fortnite and don’t look alike. The #1 playground battle royale continues to see regular content influxes over the months, with the latest coming just a few days ago with the launch of Chapter 3 Season 4.

It’s barely been a slew of new content (literally) pouring onto the Top 1 island that the next season of content would have already found its launch date… If we are to believe the sources of insider Tom Henderson , often (not to say always) very well informed in leaks and information of all kinds.

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And if the new season of Fortnite landed in December?

It is without drums that Tom Henderson announced his news on his account Twitter official. The American journalist reveals a release date set for December 5, 2022 for the launch of Season 5 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite, in about a month and a half. Potential battle royale addicts can already plan their gaming sessions for the coming weeks, in order to optimize their time as much as possible before the arrival of new content…

Launched on September 19, Season 4 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite “Paradis” marks the arrival of a strange threat from elsewhere. Chromium, a metallic substance never seen before, covered several iconic locations on the game map, such as Cloudy Condos. But this viscous material does not just invade the surrounding scenery: players can also paint themselves thanks to the new weapon “chrome sprinkler”, with a decidedly very explicit name.

By covering the floors and walls with chrome, the player will then be able to assume a liquid form to move faster and protect themselves from fall damage, as well as fire damage. A new mechanic that could change the meta of a lot of confrontation. Finally, on the costume side, Fortnite will once again welcome the Spider-Man universe, and more specifically the Spider-Verse movie with Gwen Stacy in her Spider-Gwen outfit.

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