if he does not destroy them, GameStop offers his remaining copies

After the official announcement of its withdrawal from stores and the upcoming shutdown of its servers, Babylon’s Fall becomes a denigrated commodity. The American brand GameStop has thus received the instruction to get rid of the copies in stock, and some stores would even agree to give them away.

The wind can turn very quickly. Today, Babylon’s Fall is such an underplayed and esteemed title that Square Enix made the decision to pull the plug in a few months. But when it becomes impossible to enjoy its full experience, PlatinumGames’ game may be sought after as a collector’s item.

For the time being, and in any case on the side of the United States, Babylon’s Fall is a product that we want to get rid of, and quickly. At the GameStop brand, we no longer even expect customers to come and buy a copy of the game, we throw away all the stock received. But not only.

GameStop Reportedly Ordered to Literally Break Their Babylon’s Fall Stock

A person contacted our colleagues at VGC to whom they learned that GameStop employees had been instructed to destroy their copies of Babylon’s Fall before throwing them away:

“I tried to call ten stores last night, they all told me they had destroyed copies. They didn’t just throw them away, they were ordered to break them.”

Some customers have been luckier and have been given copies free of charge. A way to fill your collection at the same time as stocking up on PS4 and PS5 boxes for not a penny. As far as France is concerned, it is still possible to buy the game in physical version, and not necessarily at a preferential rate depending on where you are going.

Studio aficionados are quick to get their hands on their productions, but for gamers enjoying PlatinumGames with a lag time, it’s not always easy to get their hands on certain titles. Before Babylon’s Fallso it was The Legend of Kora which had been withdrawn from sale on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. And sad peculiarity, this adaptation of the eponymous cartoon had not been entitled to distribution on the shelves, thus making it practically inaccessible today.

Source: VGC

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