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In early August, the Cupertino company was rife with complaints about the battery percentage indicator on the status bar rolled out with the version of iOS 16. Described as hideous, the battery icon was always full regardless of the percentage, which prevented users from knowing the true state of their battery. Remember that this battery indicator has disappeared on iPhones with the ID function. This therefore concerns iPhones that incorporate a notch limiting the space available at the top of the screen.

Fortunately, Apple took all these complaints into account and decided to rectify the situation with the second beta version of iOS 16.1. From now on, the battery icon will be filled according to its actual amount. Besides, the company has not yet said when this update will be launched publicly.

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A more dynamic icon

On Twitter, users showed what the new battery display looks like in iOS 16.1. At 76% battery remaining, the icon displays about a third less battery. There is nothing extraordinary, however, the indicator is more dynamic, improves the user experience and is much more pleasant to watch. Apple also thought of updating the font used for the battery icon, increasing its size.

But not only ! When charging the iPhone, the battery percentage is now displayed above the time the iPhone first started charging and each time it wakes from sleep mode during the charging process. charge. Features that are reminiscent of Android but are welcome for iOS users.

Apple also fixes other bugs

The tech giant is also working on fixes to fix a bug that causes the rear camera to vibrate on the Pro version of the iPhone 14. For information, the latter was deployed with the “Dynamic Island” feature. Normally, this feature would be available for all models before the end of the year.

With this version, Apple also makes it easier to manage screenshots because the interface has been refreshed, offering less bulky buttons. Note that it is likely that Apple will add more changes in the second version of iOS.


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