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Two electric mountain bikes are available on sale on gogobest. In particular, you can pay for the GF650 mountain bike at 1699.99 instead of 1899.99 € using code DBJFBY8 for 200€ reduction. As to Bezior XF800it returns to €1299.99 instead of €1399.99 ; that is 100€ discount to win with the code NGN159G. Discover all the features of these electric bikes here.


GOGOBEST GF650, the electric mountain bike

Certified IP56, the GF650 has many impressive assets.

A high performance brushless motor for climbing

The GF650 features a brushless motor of 1000W and a torque that improves energy conversion. It is powered by a removable 48V/20Ah battery which promises a range of 60 Km in pure electric mode. But in electric assistance mode, you can travel 100 km with a full charge (charging time between 4 and 8 hours).

The engine power generates a maximum speed of 25Km/h and facilitates the climb. In particular, the bike can roll on a 30° slope thanks to the combined performance of the engine and the torque. The ascent is also facilitated by the Shimano 7-speed derailleur which is integrated into this mountain bike.

All the comfort you need for driving

For rider comfort, the GF650 ATV is equipped with two suspension systems. In the front it has a fork suspension and in the rear there is an oil spring. These two systems have the role of absorbing all the shocks and making your journeys less disturbing.

Wide tires and safe braking

The GF650 electric bike has 26*4.0 inch wheels which are suitable for all roads. These tires make driving stable with their anti-slip and anti-vibration properties.

In addition, the GF650 mountain bike has hydraulic disc brakes both front and rear. This secure design will allow you to make your stops smoothly and take better advantage of emergency braking.

The Bezior XF800 electric bike

The technical advantages of the Bezior XF800 are multiple, between powerful engine, comfort, safety and the possibility of an LCD display.

A powerful engine with quality parts

The engine of MTB Bezior XF800 has a maximum output power of 500W for a speed of 25KM/H. The central position of the motor gives the bike its balance and shock absorption capacity. But this design is also synonymous with precision and rapid torque response.

Power to the engine is managed by a 48V/13AH battery which offers a range of 60 Km in pure electric mode. Embedded in a dust and waterproof frame, it can also be charged separately. Its recharge time is between 6 and 8 hours.

To make the ride easier, the Bezior XF800 features a 7-speed Shimano derailleur and a custom 52T aluminum crank. This electric bike also adopts aluminum pedal protections.

A comfortable and safe mountain bike

The Bezior XF800 provides comfort thanks to the fork suspension system available at the front. This design allows you to ride without worrying about road conditions. In addition, the Bezior XF800 is stable thanks to its non-slip and anti-vibration wheels (26*4.0 inches).

For braking, this electric mountain bike has mechanical discs at the front and rear. A rapid heat dissipation system also makes emergency braking effective.

An LCD display for interactivity

The Bezior XF800 is equipped with an intelligent, IPX6-certified LCD screen. This display allows you to view bike data and make some adjustments. In particular, you can access the speed switch or adjust the output power from the screen.

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