the directors open up about the Kamala revelation (Spoiler alert!)

A few months ago, the MCU presented Miss Marvel, her new superheroine. The character immediately won the hearts of fans, but also critics. The mini-series has indeed received good feedback: Miss Marvel has been praised in particular for its freshness, its endearing characters, but also for its cultural authenticity. Since then, many hope to see her more often in the MCU.

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Kamala Khan is already expected in the film The Marvels with Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau, but that’s not all! Indeed, if we are to believe the crisp news reported by Daniel Richtman, the king of Hollywood scoop, the series Miss Marvel might get a sequel.

New season after The Marvels?

According to news reported by Daniel Richtman (via CBR and relayed by Screen Rant), Disney+ would have confirmed a season 2 for Miss Marvel. This surprise announcement comes exactly one week after D23 Expo, the biannual convention organized by Disney since 2009. During the event, Mickey’s house teased the imminent return of Miss Marvel in the MCU with The Marvels, but had not mentioned any potential season 2 for the young superheroine’s solo series.

Daniel Richtman, however, claims that Disney would really plan to produce a sequel for Miss Marvel. Kamala Khan should thus return for a second season after having done the four hundred blows with her idol (Captain Marvel) in The Marvels. Something to arouse the curiosity of fans about what could well happen in this famous second season of their favorite series.

News to be taken with a grain of salt

For now, disney has made no official statement regarding Miss Marvel and this famous season 2. The Screen Rant site also indicated that it had contacted the entertainment giant on the subject, but had not received any response to deny or confirm the renewal of the series.

This whole story therefore remains to be taken with a grain of salt for the moment. Especially when we take into account the comments so far made by the main parties concerned: indeed, Sana Amanat, the chief screenwriter of Miss Marvel, indicated that the show had been written as a “limited series”. Cinematographer Jules O’Loughlin also said he hadn’t heard of any plans for a second season for Miss Marvel.

It is therefore too early to claim victory. In the event of bad news, the fans will however be able to console themselves by finding Miss Marvel in the cinema for new adventures that promise to be cosmic: the theatrical release of The Marvels has been announced for July 28, 2023.

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