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To mark the start of its new State of Play livestream, Sony hit it hard… In the most literal sense of the word. After being briefly teased only a few weeks ago, now tekken 8the new episode of the cult versus fighting series, was unveiled for the first time in a proper trailer, with matching logo for the occasion.

Arriving a few months only in the footsteps of street fighter 6the other reference of Capcom’s made in Japan fight, Bandai Namco’s game puts the family affairs of the Mishima patriarchy back in the spotlight, with its still unique sense of subtlety.

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Father and son rebel once again in tekken 8

Why make it complicated when it can be simple ? This is an adage that suits very well tekken 8. For its first trailer, the fighting game did not bother with a long cinematic or a voiceover that was a little too pompous. Instead, she introduces us to the corrupt Kazuya Mishima facing his son Jin Kazama, the direct descendant of this complicated lineage, stuffing his face in an absolutely apocalyptic setting.

We don’t know if it’s the sheer power emanating from their blows that causes all the uproar around them, or if the end of the world is really near, but as much to say that tekken 8 will not lack over the top staging to satisfy its fans.

Like a snub to the CGI trailers that the industry has been feeding us for years, tekken 8 preferred to opt for pure real-time images on this first presentation. As its historical director Katsuhiro Harada assures, this trailer does indeed show a sequence taken from the game’s story mode, running at 60 frames per second for a result close to that expected in the versus mode, with the exception of the camera angles used for staging.

Nevertheless, if tekken 8 offers plenty of great promise, no release horizon to report. However, we know that it will be exclusive to the current PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC consoles, and will therefore not detour to the old-gen PS4 and XONE.

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