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The seconds tick away slowly but surely. The date of October 10 will sign the most anticipated event of the year, even of the decade. Bleach makes his return. While the team of Tite Kubo still maintains the mystery around, a new trailer comes to relaunch the hype with the fans.

Credits: Studio Pierrot

Action, emotion

For ten years, die-hard fans have waited to see Ichigo and his gang take part in the ultimate war. It is with great emotion that they discovered the new trailer which confirms more than ever the return of Bleach for October 10. However, we still do not know on which platform we can follow the anime.

The famous trailer takes less than three minutes. In the foreground, iconic characters like Rukia, Ishida, Orihime and Nel. But the highlight of the show was the bankai thrown by Ichigo. Take your dose of chills by discovering the trailer below:

Bleach: An Iconic Manga

Bleach is one of the most important manga in the world. In addition to being one of the best sellers (more than 130 million copies), it is part of the famous trio, the Big Three. This term refers to the three most prominent shonen manga (Bleach, Naruto and One Piece) of the 2000s. Created by Tite Kubo, and published in 2001 in the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump, Bleach is centered on Ichigo Kurosaki and the shinigami world.

The high school student has the special ability to see spirits. One day he appropriates the powers of a shinigami. This allows him to fight Hollows, spirits that take over human souls. The anime from its debut will be favorably received and lasted for 17 seasons (366 episodes). However, the final arc had not been adapted by Studio Pierrot, due to criticism of the manga and a loss of interest from the ratings. It is therefore with real pleasure that fans reconnect with their favorite characters.


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