Are you missing new series? Netflix has just what you need this week! On the menu: six new stories just waiting for you to devour them in one go. And for those who are looking forward to it, the sequel to Winx is also coming to the platform. Details !


The Disappeared of Lørenskog – Miniseries

Inspired by real events, this Norwegian series tells the story of the police’s efforts to find the wife of a millionaire who has mysteriously disappeared. Everything suggests that it is a kidnapping, but the detective in charge of the case feels that something is wrong. She will lead the investigation, but between the frenzy of the media and the crooked informants, nothing will be easy.

El Rey, Vicente Fernandez – Season 1

In this new Netflix series, discover the life and career of Vicente Fernández, a true icon of Mexican music. The show thus traces Vincente’s journey, from her childhood to her rise in the music industry. The story spans seven decades with ups and downs for Vicente Fernández whose talent has dazzled many during his career.

Hartley, Hearts Alive – Season 1

Almost thirty years after the cult series of the 90s, Netflix invites you to find the students of Hartley High in new misadventures. This reboot follows Amerie, Quinni and Darren, three seemingly uneventful friends. And yet, it’s not easy being a teenager, between love, sex and heartache. But everything gets worse when a chart of everyone’s secret sex stories comes to light in high school. A painting signed Amerie… which quickly becomes an outcast.

Destiny The Winx Saga – Season 2

Bloom and company are back for new misadventures full of fairies and magic. After all the upheavals in the first season, Bloom and her friends are back in Alféa. But the school year promises to be complicated, because everything has changed: magic, romance, students… it’s not easy to find your bearings. And when fairies disappear in the middle of the night, the Winx will discover a terrible threat hanging over the world of fairies and that of humans.

The Brave Ones – Season 1

Head to South Africa with this fantastic series that invites you to discover the world of gods and African divine beings. The story tells how a powerful goddess is reincarnated as a simple human to avenge the death of her sister. Faced with formidable enemies, she will have to relearn how to exploit her divine powers if she wants revenge, but also to protect her family.

Santo – Season 1

This series tells of a desperate hunt, but above all an improbable alliance between two inspectors separated by the Atlantic. The story thus follows the efforts of Cardona and Millán, our two inspectors who are responsible for finding the same drug trafficker. But not just anyone, because it’s about Santo, a wanted criminal whose face no one knows. Cardona and Millán will have to collaborate to hope to get their hands on him without losing their skin.

Gym School A Second Chance – Season 1

This Australian series follows the story of Kyra Berry, a young gymnast promised to a bright future… except that everything changes following an injury. But when she thinks she has lost everything, Kyra is offered a new chance to realize her dreams and go to study in Australia. But nothing will be easy and the young girl will have to prove herself to succeed. Luckily Kyra is a fighter!

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