As every month, SVOD platforms are constantly adding new video content to their catalog. Over the weeks, said subscribers have the chance to discover a list of films, series, and documentaries. Amazon Prime Video is no exception to this rule and unveils for the month of September, a lot of very interesting titles.


On the film side, it should be noted that 2 titles will be added to the platform’s catalog.

Shark Bay (September 12)

Genres : Suspense, Action, Horror

Director : James Nunn

Synopsis : A small group of students have a little Spring Break in Mexico. Relaxation, celebration, drinking, all the ingredients are there to party all day long. While they are enjoying a nice sea trip on a jet ski, an incident occurs. Inadvertently, a violent collision occurs and they all find themselves ejected from their jet ski. One of them is seriously injured.

Having no other alternative, they must try to swim back to the coast. However, they must remain on their guard, as they are spied on by predators from the depths. Will they be able to reach the coast without incident?

Goodnight Mommy (September 16)

Genres : Drama, Horror, Thriller

Director : Matt Sobel

Synopsis : Twin brothers barely 10 years old quietly await their mother’s return to their country home. But when the latter returns home, they are stunned to see her face covered in surgical bandages.

Why would she have undergone cosmetic surgery? Why does she look so different? The two brothers ask themselves a lot of questions and wonder if the woman behind the bandages is indeed their mother. How could they confirm their suspicions? And if it turns out that this woman is not actually their mother, who is this impostor and where is their mother?

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