As you can imagine, the streaming platform Disney+ continues to offer its subscribers more new content. During the week of September 12, Disney+ will unveil an adventure reality show that will feature a well-known star.

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With such a telling title, it’s pretty obvious that the person who’s the center of attention on this show is Bear Grylls.

In the heart of nature with Bear Grylls: the challenge (September 14)

Do you feel the fiber of an adventurer? Are you ready to travel the world to go to unknown places? This Indiana Jones life is part of the daily life of English mountaineer and adventurer Bear Grylls (real name Edward Michael Grylls). If you are a fan of shows like Man vs Wild where Bear Grylls has already distinguished himself, you can only love this show.

Just like in his flagship show, Bear Grylls does not change the recipe. He always finds himself facing the elements and must make do with what he has at hand. That said, this new adventure will be a tad different from Man vs. Wild, as he won’t be alone. The solitary adventurer will this time be accompanied by a celebrity.

Everything you need to know about the documentary

First aired in 2014 on NBC and then on the National Geographic Channel, this show is hosted by Bear Grylls. In 2019, the show was broadcast on the Discovery Channel France and brought together a fine line-up of stars around Grylls.

One of them was none other than United States President Barack Obama. Besides this example, we can also mention the name of the former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, the actor Michael B. Jordan or the former wrestler Dave Bautista. To date, the show has 6 seasons with more than twenty episodes that you will be able to discover in a few days on Disney+.

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