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Getting the new premium Apple Watch Ultra is a good idea. But subscribing to AppleCare+ protection is even more so. Indeed, this protection allows you to benefit from a reduction, thus preventing you from emptying your wallet each time you go to have your Apple Watch Ultra repaired.

Note that a repair of an Apple Watch Ultra could cost you from 399 dollars (393.05 euros). For your information, this is more than half of its market price, currently sold at 799 dollars (787.08 euros). Also, this is the price of an Apple Watch Series 8 with cellular connectivity.


Different prices depending on the model

Be aware that even with AppleCare+ protection, you will still be required to pay for labor. This service fee will amount to 79 dollars (77.82 euros) for repairs. It’s important to note that the cost of repairing physical damage to the device could be $499 (491.55 euros) without AppleCare+. For the replacement of the batteries, it will cost you 99 dollars (97.52 euros).

In addition, it is important to note that the repair costs depend on the watch model you have. So, for an Apple Watch Series 8, you could pay between $299 and $399 (294.54 euros to 393.05 euros) without the cover. The labor costs 69 dollars (67.97 euros) if you subscribe to AppleCare+. However, without AppleCare+ coverage, you will have to pay between $199 and $229 (196.03 to 225.58 euros). Finally, for non-Ultra models, the batteries cost 79 dollars (77.82 euros).

Why subscribe to AppleCare+?

Ultra models seem sturdier and more resilient than older models. However, they are not immune to the various accidents that may occur. Subscription to AppleCare+ is therefore strongly recommended so as not to lose a lot of money for frequent repairs to your Apple Watch.

The cost of Apple Watch Ultra repairs is very high without AppleCare+. In order to reduce your expenses in the event of a physical problem with your device, it is important to opt for this coverage. In addition, you will only have to pay for the labor service and the price of the battery, if necessary.


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