the reaction to the "exaggerated" cancellation according to Warner

It’s the Hollywood earthquake of the summer. Discovery, after having bought Warner, undertook a major cleaning. The great victim of this express cleaning? Batgirl, a feature film that was almost finished. Since then, outraged reactions have appeared online and the media have not hesitated to denounce the decisions of the new management. A new management which, through the voice of its financial director, Gunnar Wiedenfels, estimate the reaction exaggerated “.

During a conference at Bank of America (via Collider), the man states that the shelving of Batgirl is not due than to the reality of the entertainment industry.

Batgirl – Warner Bros Credits

A statement that risks making cringe !

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Warner fully assumes its decision

Gunnar Wiedenfels accepts Warner’s decision to cancel Batgirl. According to him, “ that’s not unusual, we’re a creative industry and one of the elements is that there is a judgment on the potential of an element of an intellectual property “.

For him, this cancellation does not harm the reputation of the major and castigates the press by stating that ” the media like to talk about the media, I guess “. The CFO adds that Warner ” has healthy relationships with talent and offers them the best platforms for the creation “.

According to Gunnar Wiedenfels, the new management of Warner is now ” solid and almost complete “. The company will now have different financial rigor » while betting on DC Comics. For him, the opportunity to offer big entertainment is there. The connected universe is not dead and society will make it grow.

Despite the words of Gunnar Wiedenfels who defends his steak, the shelving of Batgirl remains an important event but above all unexpected. A decision that marks Hollywood since this film will never be visible to the public.

The methods of Warner are in particular debate since the directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have learned of the cancellation of their film along with the rest of the world. The latter even tried to access the images but their access to the company’s server had been revoked.

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