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For some, Euphoria is a work that simply drug advocacy. For others on the other hand, the series makes it possible to awaken in a more original way the consciences with regard to the problems facing the younger generation.

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The truth is that the series created by Sam Levinson and co-produced by rapper Drake is a big success. Airing since 2019 on HBO, Euphoria has become the most tweeted series of the recent decade. Better, the first episode of the second season gathered more than 14 million viewers. which allowed him to become the most watched series on HBO from Game of Thrones.

This teen drama which follows the daily life of a group of American high school students whose daily life is punctuated by parties, drugs and social networks could even break other records from season 3. Discover in this file, all the news about the Euphoria season 3.

What’s the latest on the Euphoria series?

Credit – Eddy Chen/HBO
  • January 9, 2022 : Beginning of the broadcast of season 2 of the series on HBO.
  • February 4, 2022 : Official announcement by HBO of the renewal of the series for a third season.
  • February 27, 2022 : End of the broadcast of season 2 of the series on HBO.

Euphoria Season 3 Official Release Date

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The production of the series has not yet given any indication regarding the probable date on which the third season of the series will be available.

However, we can safely say that the third season of the series will not be available this year. Better, according to information revealed by Production Weekly, showrunner Sam Levinson is currently working on the script for the new season so that filming starts in February 2023. A year after the broadcast of season 2.

Information from Production Weekly has been confirmed by journalist Kirbie Johnson. The latter after talking with the make-up artist of the series, Donni Davy, indicated that the filming of season 3 should begin next winter. Which according to Krirbie Johnson, means that Euphoria Season 3 is set to release in 2024.

In the meantime, you can always console yourself with season 2 of Euphoria which is available in France on OCS City and Canal+.

The likely cast of Euphoria season 3

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We have confirmation that Zoe Zendaya and Dominic Fike will be featured in the new season of Euphoria. The announcement concerning who is playing the role of Rue in the series was made by Casey Bloysan HBO executive.

For its part, it is Dominic Fike himself who has certified that he will indeed take over the role of Elliot in season 3. Unfortunately, Barbie Ferreira will not be making an appearance in the upcoming season. It is through a message left in his Instagram story that the one who played Kat Hernandez in the first two seasons announced the bad news to her fans. You can read this there:

“After four years of playing the most special and enigmatic character that is Kat, I have to say a very teary-eyed goodbye to her. I hope many of you were able to relate to her as I did and that she brought you joy watching her evolve into the character she is today. I put all my care and love into it and I hope you could feel it. I love you, Katherine Hernandez. “.

The other actors have not, for the moment, confirmed or denied their place. There is therefore a good chance that the cast of season 3 of Euphoria will be the following:

  • Zoe Zendaya : Bennett Street;
  • Angus Cloud : Fezco;
  • Alexa Half : Maddy Perez;
  • Sydney Sweeney : Cassie Howard;
  • Jacob Elordi :Nate Jacobs;
  • Maude Apatow : Lexi Howard;
  • Hunter Schafer : Jules Vaughn;
  • Algee Smith : Chris McKay;
  • Dominic Fike : Elliot.

What will Euphoria Season 3 be about?

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The end of season 2 makes it clear that Rue is on the path of redemption. However, she is far from seeing the end of the tunnel. In addition to her addiction, she must find a way to pay $10,000 to the mighty Laurie for not facing her retaliation. We can therefore imagine that season 3 of the series could revolve around this. However, for some observers, Jules and Kat may have to play leading roles in the new season.

It could also be that Rue isn’t the only character on the path to redemption. Cal might follow suit. Despite his arrest at the end of season 2, Nate’s father should find a way to pick up the pieces with his son Nate. This information was provided by Eric Danethe actor who plays Cal, in an interview with Variety.

On another side, the question of the future of Fez is pending. With the evidence the police have on him, there’s very little chance he’ll make it. However, some people are talking about a small possibility that the big-hearted dealer will get into a vengeance crusade. But how ? The question needs to be asked…

The official trailer

You will probably have to wait for the end of the year or beginning of 2023 to be entitled to the first promotional videos of the new season.

A little reminder of what happened in season 2 of Euphoria

The season opens with mouse’s death, Fezco’s supplier. The death of this one was caused by Cendrier, the brother and partner of Fezco. He took down his big brother’s supplier in a legitimate position. From now on, the duo of traffickers must find another supplier as soon as possible. For that, they turn to Laurie, a woman without pretension, but extremely threatening in her words. Accompanied by Rue, Fez nevertheless manages to make Laurie her new supplier.

After dealing with his business concerns, Fezco is focusing on his private life. He first settles his accounts with Nate Jacobs by beating him at a house party. Subsequently, he begins a romantic relationship with Lexi. For his part, Nate consoles himself sleeping with Cassie who quickly becomes obsessed with him. It should be remembered that Nate is the ex-boyfriend of Cassie’s best friend, Maddy.

Credit – Eddy Chen/HBO

The situation will become more complicated when Nate will succeed in rekindling the flame with Maddy. Nate in addition to now finding himself in a love triangle must face the decision made by his father Cal to leave his family after coming out

Meanwhile, Kat seeks to end her relationship with Ethan. For it, she invents a deadly disease to get rid of him. The latter discovers the pot of roses and puts an end to their relationship. For his part, Rue reconnects with Jules who does not know at that time that his lover is more than ever addicted to drugs. Worse, Rue befriends newcomer Elliot who helps him get high on the sly.

Rue’s descent into hell takes another turn when she goes to Laurie’s house to tell her thatshe wants to become a drug dealer. The new supplier of Fez entrusts him $10,000 worth of drugs to flow. At the same time, Elliot who has also grown closer to Jules begins to feel remorse about the role he played in Rue’s addiction. He confesses everything to Jules who in turn informs Leslie, Rue’s mother.

The latter reacts in destroying the huge shipment of drugs that Rue had in his possession and which comes from Laurie. Mad with rage, Rue destroys her house and cuts ties with Elliot and Jules. As his mother tries to send him to rehab, she runs away to Lexi and Cassie. When Leslie arrives at their house to take her away, she reveals to Maddy that Cassie and Nate were sleeping together. Which leads to a fight that allows him to escape for find refuge with Laurie. After giving her morphine to calm her down, she tells her that if she doesn’t pay the $10,000 she owes him, she would be sold as a prostitute. She then decides to go home for treatment.

For his part, Nate, after the departure of his father and the revelations of Rue, decides to regain control over the future of his family. For this, he goes to Maddy to retrieve a sex-tape that Cal had filmed himself with Jules. After threatening Maddy with a gun, he manages to get his hands on the tape. Afterwards, he goes to Jules and gives him the recording while apologizing to him for his actions.

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Throughout this second season, Lexi wrote a play telling his perspective on the lives of his family and friends. While the performance of the play at school initially allows Maddy, Cassie, Rue and Jules to question themselves a little, things suddenly escalate when Nate gets upset over a self-centered number. He breaks up with Cassie in the aftermath. Which brings the latter to go on stage to explain herself with Lexi. The situation escalates when Suze and Maddy take their turn on the stage. The performance was about to end in blood sausage when Rue intervenes with a song in honor of Lexi which finally calms everyone down.

While most of the series’ protagonists were present at Lexi’s performance, Fezco was one of the few to miss the call. The latter was about to be arrested by SWAT. Thanks to information from Custer, Faye’s boyfriend, a SWAT team was about to storm the dealer’s apartment.

Warned by Faye, Fez had decided to surrender to the police while stating that he was solely responsible for Mouse’s death. Unfortunately, Ashtray (the Ashtray) the brother of Fez locks himself in the bathroom armed to the teeth. The assault given by the SWAT team will be fatal to him since he opens fire despite his brother’s pleas. On his side, Fez takes a bullet in the stomach during the exchange of fire and is arrested by the police.

Credit – Eddy Chen/HBO

In the last episodes of the season, we also see Nate visiting his father Cal. The latter apologizes to his son for all the harm he has caused him. Unfortunately for him, Nate had already informed the police about his father’s habit ofrecord his legs in the air with his partners, regardless of their age. For his part, Rue forgives Elliot and thanks him for saving his life.

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