Windows 11 - KB5016691 - Bug

The KB5016691 update for Windows 11 is the source of a rather annoying bug since it prevents the user from connecting to their session, for several minutes. Microsoft is currently rolling out a patch through their system Known Issue Rollback.

On August 25, 2022, Microsoft released update KB5016691 for Windows 11 which aims to preview the fixes that will come with the September 2022 Update, scheduled for Tuesday, September 13. The Redmond company does this every month, which allows users to test updates in advance. But also to have patches in preview for people bothered by a particular bug.

On its site, Microsoft explains:After installing KB5016691 and adding a new user with Microsoft account in Windows, you may not be able to log in for a short time after the first reboot or logout. This issue only affects the newly added Microsoft account user and only during the first login.“. This bug only affects Microsoft accounts, and it does not affect accounts associated with an Active Directory domain or Azure Active Directory. According to the description provided by Microsoft, the connection hangs for a few minutes, and then the user can authenticate.

The American company has corrected this problem through the system Known Issue Rollback (KIR), a Windows feature designed to roll back patches (non-security updates) deployed by Windows Update when there is an adverse effect like this. This instruction is received by the computers via Windows Update directly, within 24 hours.

For enterprises, it is possible to deploy a KIR setting per GPO to resolve this issue related to the KB5016691 update. Microsoft explains on its site how to proceed and an MSI package is available for download to allow the integration of this new GPO parameter specific to this bug.


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