Since its recent update, the PS5 allows you to view all Trophies hidden in a game, without having to do it manually for each of the rewards promised for a given title. Among the fiercest of hunters, this feature was undoubtedly greeted with cheers.

The title seems to stand on its own, but some context and elaboration shouldn’t hurt. This week, therefore, a new update was deployed for the PS5 which now allows it to display a native resolution of 1440p if your screen or monitor is compatible with the latter. But that’s not necessarily the most interesting addition of this software upgrade.

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The functionality that will be discussed below, after having been mentioned at the top, is not listed in the PlayStation Blog article, which would tend to make it look minor. However, it should delight many users.

PS5 hidden trophies: a new option, but total comfort?

As spotted by Destructoid, the new update also added an option to the PS5’s Trophies system. Now, it is possible to activate a feature that automatically reveals all hidden Trophies in a game. Until now, you had to go to the Trophy list of a title and press Square on a Trophy with a hidden description. An action that could be off-putting if the software in question was particularly rich in secrets of this kind.

We could push the plug a little too far and thus deplore that the functionality does not allow, all of a sudden, to reveal the hidden Trophies of all the games recorded on the console. Remember in passing that originally, these Trophies are mainly hidden so as not to reveal to the player divulging information likely to disturb his experience. On the other hand, it seems practical to highlight these same Trophies when you think you have done the rounds of the title in question without however having obtained the Platinum.

Source: Destructoid

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