The Brazilian government is square! In an order he recently issued, he explains that Apple is prohibited from selling iPhones without chargers in the country. Finding that this approach is detrimental to consumers, the Brazilian Ministry of Justice imposed a fine of 12.275 million Brazilian reals or 2.47 million euros on the Cupertino company. But not only ! He also ordered the cancellation of the registration of the iPhone 12 with the national telecommunications agency Anatel.

In case you didn’t know, the tech giant stopped bundling chargers with its mobile devices two years ago. To be more precise, this policy was applied with the official launch of the iPhone 12. At the time, Apple explained that it is to implement its environmental protection program. And as part of that fight, the company said it will appeal the ministry’s decision.


Apple has made readjustments since 2020

Due to environmental concerns, Apple decided to ship devices without power adapters to reduce the manufacturing processes required for each unit. And since 2020, it also uses 100% recycled rare earth materials for its products. The company won its bet because in a 2021 environmental progress report, it claimed that the measures saved 861,000 T of copper, zinc and tin.

Apple also explained that CO emissions2 of the company have decreased. Additionally, the decision to discontinue adapters has made it easier and more efficient to ship devices. Indeed, shipping pallets can carry up to 70% of iPhone 12 boxes. But the Brazilian government remains unmoved by all these explanations.

Brazil says Apple could have found another strategy

According to the Brazilian ministry, Apple could have chosen other methods for the application of its environmental program, such as adding support for USB-C charging to its iPhones.

The authorities consider the sale of smartphones without an adapter as a deliberate discriminatory practice against consumers. Apple has yet to remove its new iPhones from its Brazilian online store. Separately, the company said it would continue to work with the ministry to resolve the issue.


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