Pourquoi acheter une montre connectée

Over the years, smartwatches have become more and more used by many people. It is clear that in comparison to traditional watches, they have multiple features. Even if we can tell you that it is less classy, ​​there are efforts made on this aspect by certain brands. If you are a fan of traditional watches, you can ask yourself: ” Why should I buy a smartwatch? “. Discover the answer in the rest of this article which highlights connected watches, and the good reasons to buy one.

Smartwatches for all needs

There are a number of significant reasons why you may want tobuy a smartwatch. Today, on the market, there are connected watches compatible with all needs, but not all models will be adapted to your needs: it is important to choose well.

In this important market, there are many popular brands of watches such as Samsung, Apple, Garmin, Fossil, Apple… but also Xiaomi, which remains one of the brands with the best quality / price ratio on the market, as in his habit. On this subject, you can consult the ranking of Xiaomi watches by Meilleur-Innovation.com. Essential reading to sort through the models, as Xiaomi tends to offer many diverse and varied models, as with its very wide range of smartphones. By the way, the models from Xiaomi are resistant thanks to the frame of the polyamide watch, which is not afraid of the rain by the way.

Today, there are basic connected watches for everyday life, watches cut for sports, thinner watches in bracelet format and watches with an imposing dial, just as there are connected watches for teenagers and connected watches for adults.

Features of smartwatches

Features of smartwatches

Like a traditional watch, a connected watch has the same objective: to tell you the time and the date. Nevertheless, thanks to its connectivity of these models and interactions with smartphones, it allows you to go much further.

Here is a list of the features found on connected watches, which may vary from one model to another (hence the interest of choosing a model that corresponds to your personal needs).

Many features rely on the Bluetooth connection between your connected watch, whether it’s a Xiaomi model or from another brand, and your smartphone. We can say it: the connected watch is a real relay for the smartphone.

  • GPS: the integration of a GPS chip will make it possible to benefit from precise geolocation via the connected watch, even without connection with the smartphone. This function is particularly useful for athletes in order to use the training modes of the watch and have precise monitoring of the route taken (number of kilometers traveled, plotted on the map, etc.).
  • SMS and calls : a new text message has just arrived on your smartphone? You can read it from the watch and sometimes, depending on the model, reply from the watch. The same goes for calls where you have the option to take the call or decline it.
  • Notifications : notifications from your favorite apps can appear on the watch screen, whether it’s a notification for the arrival of a new email, a notification because someone has liked your last photo on Instagram , etc.
  • Health: on connected watches, the trend is to integrate a heart rate sensor, as well as an SpO2 sensor. Two useful pieces of information if you are interested in monitoring your health with a connected watch, knowing that there are other functions in the same spirit: sleep monitoring, stress level analysis, etc.
  • Music: from the watch screen, you can control the music currently playing on your smartphone, both to play or pause, to manage the volume, to go to the next music, etc. Some watch models are able to download music locally (for example, a Spotify playlist) and connect via Bluetooth to wireless headphones, which allows you to enjoy music with your watch without having to take your smartphone with you. This type of function is generally appreciated by athletes.

Heart rate monitoring is an interesting function, especially during sports sessions, but perhaps some parents will appreciate this function to monitor their child’s heart rate! We can take the vice even further: with the connected watch, you can see if your son or daughter is sleeping well a few days before their exam.

Using a connected watch avoids having to take your smartphone out of your pocket when each notification arrives: the information is visible directly on the screen of the watch, which brings a little comfort to everyday life. .

After reading this article, the use cases and the functions mentioned, you may be convinced of the value of buying a connected watch! Personally, I use a connected watch for sports without detaching myself from my traditional watch.

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