FIFA 23 football simulation game releases on September 30 next. This new version is highly anticipated for various reasons. Fans hope to test the HyperMotion 2 technology which promises more realistic animations. In addition, the many new features planned for FUT mode are making players impatient. But to enjoy FIFA 23, you will have to choose between one of the editions marketed.

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The different editions of FIFA 23

The different editions contain free items in addition to the copy of the game. EA Sports offers many advantages to players from the start. The opus will be available mainly in Standard and Ultimate editions. An unambitious Legacy Edition is also planned. Here are the details of all the packs.

Standard Edition Details

Standard Edition represents the basic version of FIFA 23. It will give you an untradeable Team Of The Week 1 item. The player will be added randomly (among the 23 selected) before the game is released. You will also have access to two loans, including that of Kylian Mbappé for 5 matches.

The second loan concerns one of the FUT ambassadors (Vinicius Jr, Alphonso Davies or Heung-min Son) for 3 matches. In career mode, a promising local talent can also join your team. As a reminder, pre-ordering the standard version (digital or physical) of FIFA 23 costs €79.99 for the PS5 and Xbox Series. On PS4, PC and Xbox One, the price is €69.99.

The advantages of the Ultimate version

As usual, the version Ultimate brings its share of extras with a logically higher price. In pre-order, it costs 99.99 € (digital or physical) regardless of the game platform. The most upscale edition fully embeds the content of the standard version in addition to a few exclusives.

The great feature of the Ultimate edition is the early access to the game three days before the official release (September 27) in case of pre-order. Anticipation also entitles you to a FIFA World Cup Hero Player whose card will be randomly added on November 11. But, the offer of this extra has been closed since August 21st.

For this release, EA is adding a ‘Player to Watch’ item for Fifa Ultimate Team. This random item will be non-exchangeable from September 30. Players will also benefit from 4600 FIFA points.

These points could be used to buy FUT card packs or play exclusive modes like FUT Draft. Platform switching will be free in the Ultimate Edition. Upgrading from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series will be free of charge.

What to know about the Legacy Edition

The Legacy Edition or Essential Edition of FIFA 23 is exclusively dedicated to the Nintendo Switch. The opus will not experience any major improvement on this platform. New game modes and HyperMotion 2 technology will not be included. Gameplay and mechanics should be identical to FIFA 22.

However, small upgrades will be visible. They will relate to the shirts of the clubs as well as their workforce. Women’s football will also be incorporated into this version and players will be able to enjoy a few new stadiums. The absence of major new features makes the Legacy version the most affordable with a price set at €39.99.

Which edition to choose in the end?

The match is essentially played between the Standard and Ultimate versions. They will be available on consoles (PS4/PS5, Xbox Series/Xbox One), PC and Google Stadia with the possibility of playing in Crossplay.

The fixed prices are selection criteria, but the gaming experience is more important. The extras put the Ultimate edition above the rest even if the basic version has some interesting arguments. Starting bonuses will allow players to progress faster.

The gaming experience will logically be more interesting if the advantages are numerous. Buying the Ultimate version could help you better explore the array of new modes that are announced for FUT mode.

In summary, the Standard edition will suffice for a player who is not very regular and whose objectives are limited. However, for those aiming for competitiveness, the Ultimate edition will give you a nice head start.

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