Google’s email service is arguably one of the most widely used in the world and many users think they have mastered its various features. But, you should know that there are many hidden functions that greatly simplify daily use.


It is indeed a question of functionalities whose mastery would make it possible to take full advantage of the advantages of this messaging system. So here are 10 great tips for mastering the gmail features and optimize productivity.

1. Use Gmail without signing in

It goes without saying that to get the most out of Google messaging, like many other online services, you need an internet connection. However, sometimes the network connection is too slow, unstable or downright non-existent. To overcome this problem, Google allows you to use par messaging while offline.

To use your email, without internet access, you just need to add Gmail extension in your Chrome browser. By proceeding like this, you will be able to access your emails more easily. You will also be able to write new emails without needing to connect to the network.

2. Cancel sending an email

Have you ever sent an email full of typos or accidentally pressed Reply All? Do not panic ! It happens to everyone and know today that you have the possibility of correcting these errors thanks to a Gmail function designed to cancel sends. In reality, we can already use it for 5 seconds normally.

But, you probably don’t know that this delay can be extended by making adjustments in the settings. With this in mind, you will need to click on the toothed wheel located in the top right corner of the screen, then access the section option Cancel sending. You can, by clicking on the displayed menu, increase the undo delay to 30 seconds.

3. Set up automatic response

Among the best Gmail features that exist, one allows you to set up automatic replies. These are very useful when you plan, for example, to go offline for a while. On Gmail, automatic replies work like voicemail and you can insert the following elements:

  • your return date;
  • another way to contact you;
  • a third person to contact in case of emergency.

The activation of the automatic response is done in the “General” tab of the settings. Just scroll down the screen to configure the information. You can also use an artificial intelligence to read and respond to your various messages.

4. Preview your emails

It must be said that this Gmail feature is unknown to many users even though it can be very useful. Indeed, Gmail offers the possibility to display part of the email received in its box. The feature therefore saves you from having to display an e-mail in full page and then return to the previous page to see all the others.

By following these tips, you will no longer need to go back and forth in the different messages. To activate the feature, go to the Gmail settings. Show all parameters and scroll down the page to the option level “Reading pane”. Check the box to then enable it.

5. Optimize storage space

Google’s messaging service in its free version entitles you to a 15 GB storage space. The latter also includes the files of Google Drive cloud space. Once this limit is reached, you will not be able to receive new emails. But, Gmail helps to optimize its space to use it for as long as possible.

This possibility requires the deletion of unnecessary messages that weigh heavily. Then go to your Gmail account and click on search bar line on the right as a small arrow. Click on “search” to display the messages that you can delete individually or in batches.

6. Enable tracking of important emails

Gmail features are constantly improving over time and now you can keep track of your important emails. By activating this feature, you will see a star icon and another pictogram in the form of an arrow to designate important emails.

Mastering these Gmail tips, in addition to labels, helps you better organize your email and process messages first. Once in your mailbox, click on ” Enable Tracking » to the left of the message. Repeatedly click the star icon to see the correct one for you when following multiple posts.

7. Block an email address

Are you constantly harassed by a sassy sender? You can simply add their address to your blacklist. Thus, these next messages will be found directly in spam them. To use this option, one of the best Gmail tricks, you just have to perform a very simple operation. Click on the three vertical buttons located on the same line as the sender’s name. Validate the process by finally pressing ” To block “.

8. Use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

Gmail offers you many shortcuts to navigate more easily and optimize your working time. You must first enable a feature in the General tab of settings. To do this, scroll down the page until you find the keyboard shortcuts section. Then you can use the following shortcuts:

  • VS : new message (SHIFT + C to open a new window);
  • K : go to the next conversation (N to go to the next message);
  • J : go to the previous conversation (P to go to the previous message);
  • : : open a conversation (ENTER also works);
  • U : return to the list of conversations and refresh the page;
  • E : archive a message;
  • R : answer ;
  • HAS : reply to all ;
  • F : to transfer ;
  • CTRL+S : save as a draft ;
  • # : to delete ;
  • / : go directly to the search field;
  • TAB then ENTER : send the message ;
  • Y then O : archive a conversation then go to the next one;
  • G then A : Open the “All messages” folder.

9. Send money using Gmail

One of the awesome features of Gmail is none other than the ability to send money from your inbox. You can also accept money sent from someone else free of charge using your Google Pay accountyour Bank account or your credit card.

To take advantage of the option, first create your message by adding the recipient. Then click on the attachments icon and select “Send moneyto set the amount to send. You will only have to validate to finish the process.

10. Insert a signature in Gmail

You can personalize your Gmail mailbox by inserting asignature in your mailbox. So go to the settings and navigate to the General tab. Scroll down to the signature level and enter your small paragraph in the dedicated field.

Instead of entering a banal message, note that you can integrate images likeyour personal photo or company logo. In addition, it will also be specified that the customization can be extended to the entire mailbox by changing the display color in the parameters.

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