Netflix continues to surprise us with unexpected novelties. For this month of September, the streaming giant invites you to discover four feature films: romance, love, drama or even a frantic race for survival? There’s everything you need in the catalog of new Netflix programs. Here are the films that await you there over the next few days.


Diorama – Romance, humor

When love goes away, nothing goes! In this film, discover how the passionate relationship of a couple crumbles little by little, following misunderstandings, various temptations… The big love between the two is now only ancient history. But all this “drama” is told in a very original way through dioramas that are sure to make you smile.

HollyBlood – Horror, comedy

Do you like horror comedies? This new Netflix movie should please you! The story follows Javi, a teenager like the others. He also dreams of impressing Sara, his classmate with whom he is secretly in love. Sara is a fan of vampires, and to get her attention, Javi pretends to be one of them. A lie that will turn against him when a real creature with long teeth arrives in their school. Javi will fight to save his skin and that of his beloved.

Under the Grip – Drama, Thriller, Romance

In this thriller inspired by a true story, we follow Roxana and Pascal, a couple of No-limit freedivers whose relationship is damaged by success and jealousy. Roxana knew nothing about apnea before meeting Pascal. Against all odds, she will show extraordinary talents in this dangerous discipline, even going so far as to overtake Pascal who is nevertheless world champion in apnea. A situation that will hurt the couple, while in parallel, the success of their duo continues to grow. When passion burns out, where will this relationship take them?

End of the Road – Horror, Thriller

Fans of Queen Latifah, the American actress and rapper is back in this action thriller that takes you to the New Mexico desert. The film tells how a family’s road trip turns into a nightmare following an unfortunate set of circumstances. Recently widowed, Brenda tries to keep her family on track, she thought this road trip could fix things, but now she will have to fight to preserve her loved ones from a mysterious killer.

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