What movies are pictured on Netflix this week? In terms of audience record, several feature films clearly stand out. With the release of many films for this summer such as Purple Heart (Our bruised hearts) or The Gray Man, Netflix has been able to maintain the interest of the public despite a difficult period. Find out in detail the 10 most-watched films on Netflix during the second week of August 2022.


1 Day Shift (2022) Number of views: 56,510,000

Bad Jablonski is an ordinary pool cleaner, but in reality this no-frills family man is a vampire hunter. He takes the habit and also tears off their fangs in order to resell them at the best price. Bud also loves his 10-year-old daughter, so when he finds out that due to lack of money, the ex-wife is going to sell the house and take the girl to her mother’s house in Florida, he decides to quickly get the necessary amount. Bud urgently returns to the Vampire Slayer Syndicate, from which he was expelled for numerous code violations. But in the meantime, he has snatched a loved one from a century-old vampire who is determined to get revenge.

This ordinary comedy starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dog is one of the best surprises of the summer. Despite its deja-vu-like plot, it manages to surprise with a few moments of grotesque comedy and carves out a place of choice in this ranking.

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2 Our bruised hearts (2022) Number of views: 46,370,000

A budding singer agrees to a fictitious marriage to a US Marine preparing for duty. However, despite their many differences, the scheme leads the souls towards the birth of true feelings between them.

Released on Netflix on July 29, Our broken hearts maintains its footing in the Netflix ranking. This film, which aims to reconcile a deeply divided America, stages characters at odds with each other and bases its plot on what they have in common.

3 Uncharted (2022) Number of views 23,710,000

Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) are two adventurers in search of the greatest treasure in the world. So they embark on a most epic adventure. But the other challenge of their journey is to find clues that will lead them to Nathan’s brother who has long since disappeared without a trace.

Produced by Sony, the feature film brings together an attractive cast with big names of the moment as well as a substantial budget which guarantees major action scenes. It is therefore a pretentious action film which returns for a second consecutive week in this top 10 Netflix.

4 The Gray Man (2022) Number of views 21,160,000

The CIA recruits Kurt Gentry aka Sierra Six who has been serving a sentence for murder since 2003. Under the code name ”Gray Man”, he is recruited to eliminate a high-profile target. Later, the man learns that he has just killed the former Sierra Four and he now has information that threatens the secret Sierra program. Refusing to hand over the card to his superiors, Gentry in turn becomes a target not only for former colleagues, but also for elite mercenaries, the most dangerous of whom is the fearsome Lloyd Hansen.

The Gray Man continues its breakthrough on Netflix. Which is no wonder for one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Among other things, because it is directed by brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, who are trying to get into action cinema after their success with Marvel superheroes. Everything seems to be on track as Netflix has already planned a sequel for The Gray Man for 2023.

5 Wedding Season (2022) Number of views: 19,010,000

Asha (Pallavi Sharda), eldest daughter of her family, lives under constant pressure from her parents who want to see her married. Her mother thinks she’s about to waste her life if she doesn’t spend more time on her private life than on her new startup. Together with his single colleague Ravi (Suraj Sharma) who is under the same pressure from his parents, they set up a scheme to pretend that they are in a relationship. As time passes, the two colleagues begin to have real feelings for each other.

Wedding Season has all the characteristics of the summer romance that is a hit on Netflix: great alchemy between beautiful actors, a simple script, a plot tied around a heartache and a predictable and satisfying outcome. Besides these aspects, the film romanticizes Indian marriages while questioning certain aspects of this still very traditional society.

6 The Sea Monster (2022) Number of views: 10,850,000

When he was young, Jacob Holland (Karl Urban) lost his parents in a sea monster attack. He is then raised by Captain Crow (Jared Harris), a monster hunter and leader of the ship The Inevitable. From then on, Jacob joined the fight against the horrible creatures until adulthood. Accompanied by legendary monster hunter Jacob Holland, Jacob embarks on a journey through uncharted seas.

“The Sea Beast” is a simple, yet visually captivating animated film. All of this visual composition is accompanied by vocal performances and a soundtrack that alternates between Pixar and Pirates of the Caribbean in a matter of minutes. It is beautifully directed by Chris Williams; a very prolific director since the 2000s to whom we owe in particular Volt or The New Heroes.

7 1917 (2019) Number of views: 10,840,000

April 6, 1917, at the height of the First World War, a British general entrusts Corporal Blake and his colleague with a mission of great peril. They must cross enemy territory, apparently abandoned by German troops, and convey the order to call off the offensive to the 2nd Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment, failing which 1600 soldiers will fall into the enemy’s trap, including the Blake’s brother.

Expected for a long time to be the Oscar for best film, the feature film by Sam Mendes got off lightly with several statuettes. His arrival on the Netflix catalog does not seem to go unnoticed since he joined the top 10 for the first time.

8 Flight (2012) Number of views: 10,710,000

-A3.7 I7.3 R-

Experienced pilot Whip Whitaker narrowly avoids a plane crash and, after making an emergency landing, saves the lives of almost all of the passengers. Whip is hailed as a hero, but the more details about the accident emerge, the more questions arise: is the man really the hero we are dubbing?

In Flight, Denzel Washington is more than convincing as the pilot Whitaker struggling with his demons; an addiction to alcohol and drugs. His performance was not the only highlight of Robert Zemeckis’ film, which was not only a box office success, but also was nominated for several Oscars, including Best Original Screenplay.

9 The Informer (2019) Number of views: 8,330,000

A former prisoner is specifically arrested to become one of the members of a criminal group in the most secure prison in the world.

This British crime action film is directed by Andrea Di Stefano and based on the novel Three Seconds Roslund & Hellström. This is a virile and breathtaking thriller teeming with characters as interesting as each other and full of surprises.

10 Everyone on stage 2 (2022) Number of views: 7,270,000

In Sing 2, the koala Buster Moon and his cast of star animals prepare to launch a Redshore-exclusive performance; self-proclaimed capital of universal entertainment glamour. There’s only one hurdle in these artists’ path: they must find and persuade the world’s most reclusive rock star, Clay Calloway, to join them. But convincing the latter to return to the stage will not be an easy task.

Sing 2 was one of the most successful and profitable animated films of 2021. In line with the first film, all the characters in this sequel played by top actors (Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton in particular) are presented in a funny and offbeat way. However, Sing 2 is a moving film that teaches a moving lesson in how the power of music can heal even a broken heart.

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