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It has now been two years since Supernatural bowed out, much to the chagrin of fans! The horror series created by Eric Kripke has indeed ended after 15 seasons and 327 episodes. The end of the show was a real blow to early fans who have followed the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester for 15 years.

But let them be reassured! They will soon be able to dive back into the Supernatural universe, and for good reason. A spin-off will soon be released on the CW. Entitled The Winchesters, this new series will tell the story of John and Mary Winchester, the parents of Sam and Dean.

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The spin-off will take place before the two brothers are born.

Mary Winchester, an interesting character

In Supernatural, we were able to discover part of the story of John and Mary. If at the start, we thought that John was born a demon hunter, we discovered thanks to the series that this was not the case. It was actually Mary who introduced him to this universe.

Supernatural revealed that the latter was born into a family of hunters. It was when she started dating John that she introduced him to the world of hunting. The couple quickly settled down to start a family. But Mary’s death led John to return to hunting.

Closer to Dean

In The Winchesters, the role of Mary will be played by Meg Donnelly. The latter recently spoke with the site Screen Rant to talk about the connection that Mary has with her sons. During this interview, she revealed that her character has more in common with Dean.

“I just really like Dean. I think his humor and quick wit are great. I mean, the sibling dynamic is just so good, but I have to say I prefer Dean. He has a real edge, and he’s so much fun. I feel like Dean reminds me more of Mary. »

To discover the first episodes of The Winchesters, it will happen on the CW from October 11th.

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