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It’s been several months since the anime Cyberpunk: Edge Runners is expected on the Netflix streaming platform. And while its release date was still unknown, Netflix waited until the last moments to strike a blow.

Credits: Studio Trigger

Along with releasing a brand new trailer, the streaming platform also announced the anime’s release date.

In the home stretch

After having had to face a large wave of cancellations at the level of films and animated series, Netflix has managed to get the machine back on the road. After titles like Spriggan or Bastard, it is now around the anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners to be talked about. Based on the futuristic universe of the famous Cyberpunk 2077 video game franchise, this Netflix newborn will debut on September 13th.

This series is quite faithful to the universe of the game, but with some nuances. The story told will be unpublished and it will be the same for the cast of characters. This is particularly the case with David Martinez and Lucy, two of the main characters of the anime. Additionally, the two characters in question are the center of attention in the brand new trailer which you can watch below.


Action to spare

As you could see with the last trailer, the universe of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is not that of care bears. Scenes of fights, shootings, spectacular explosions as well as scenes with sexual characters will often be highlighted in the animated series. This anime tells the story of Lucy, a Netrunner (hackers) who puts her skills to the service of a group of mercenaries.

Said group is in the pay of a man who answers to the name of Maine. Although her talent is recognized, she aspires to change her life. And to do that, she must disappear from Night City without a trace. That said, who would be willing to let their golden egg goose slip through their fingers? She will therefore use great means to escape. Fortunately, she can count on David’s help to take care of her protection.

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