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DuckDuckGo has just launched its “Email Protection” messaging service which cleans your emails before forwarding them to your usual address. This new service, respectful of privacy, allows you to benefit from an address in “”!

DuckDuckGo is first and foremost a privacy-friendly search engine, but it’s also a mobile browser, and may soon be on desktop as well. Now, DuckDuckGo also offers an email security service. In closed beta since July 2021, the service has just been officially launched and it is available for everyone!

Let’s talk a bit more about Email Protection, DuckDuckGo’s new service. Its objective is to rid your emails of advertising and of all tracking items before they arrive in your usual inbox. Thus, Email Protection will not allow you to have an additional electronic mailbox, but this service acts as a filter thanks to the address in which plays the role of redirector.

When a user receives an email, they’ll see a report showing how many trackers have been removed, which companies were behind those trackers, etc. Because, according to a study conducted by DuckDuckGo as part of the Email Protection beta program, more than 85% of emails contained trackers.

We can wonder if DuckDuckGo stores our e-mails, since it will necessarily see them pass for the Email Protection filter to come into action. It turns out that emails passing through the service are not stored by DuckDuckGo. On the other hand, information on the user’s account and the transfers made are kept for operational reasons and this information is deleted within 30 days following the closure of the account.

Here is a list of Email Protection features:

  • A unique email address for each user
  • Creation of disposable email addresses
  • Blocking tracking elements: images, links, scripts, etc.
  • Smart Encryption: force the use of HTTPS even if the links in the e-mails are in HTTP
  • Reply and send from his address
  • A dashboard allows you to manage your redirections, your account, etc.

How to try DuckDuckGo Email Protection?

To test this functionality, it is necessary to install the DuckDuckGo extension in Google Chrome or Firefox, then go to the following site: DuckDuckGo – Email Protection.


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