October is undoubtedly the most anticipated month of the year. It marks the return of several anime like My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho, the second part of the first season of Spy x Family or even Chainsaw Man. Although MAPPA reveals little, the series benefits from a big hype before its time. For many, including the team, chain saw man is already the anime of the year.

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A team 100% in the project

During an interview with, the Chainsaw Man team gave some confidences on the future success of the series which will upset the codes of shonen. According to Makoto Kimura, the executive producer, this merit comes first from the liveliness of Denji’s story and characters. This will have made it possible to rally the whole team to get personally involved in the story. In other words, Chainsaw Man ignited all the creative people who worked on it and put all their passion and art into it.

“We follow these characters who share a lot of things, and we don’t really know where they are going. It’s a story with a lot of dynamism, so there’s an appeal and an unknowing charm to it, for our team of producers and directors, they’re really focusing on that aspect as they put together season 1 It helps that our producers are big fans already,” Kimura shared.

This feeling is shared by Manabu Otsuka, the CEO of Studio MAPPA who did not fail to give all the credit to Tatsuki Fujimoto. For Otsuka, the mangaka’s pen is full of “charm”. It was therefore important to choose a staff capable of transposing this feeling into the animation.

“One of the greatest charms is the sense of writing [Tatsuki Fujimoto]. It’s in the way you can see things through his work and that there is this subculture through Chainsaw Man that becomes very important. However, the story remains balanced even with that, and Chainsaw Man has a wide readership as such. To bring out all the charms of anime, it was therefore important to find a director, producers and an entire team who are from the same generation. [que Fujimoto], so that they have the same spirit. Chainsaw Man’s staffing was done this way to make production easier. »

When will Chainsaw Man be released?

Until a date is set, the days are counted down to October. Chainsaw Man will be available to stream on Crunchyroll. So far, MAPPA has only released a pretty bloody poster. Manabu Otsuka has also promised that nothing will be censored. One more reason to follow this anime.


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