the director found out about it in the worst way

Not liking the MCU is completely understandable. But it is clear that unlike the DCEU, the connected Marvel universe is based on solid foundations with enormous commercial success at the key. DC Comics has a little more trouble to conceive its mythology despite the excellent reception of projects such as The Batman or joker. Without forgetting that wonder woman or Aquaman cardboard.

Recently acquired by Discovery, Warner is taking a new direction by focusing on the biggest releases. black adam and The Flash crystallize all the expectations of the major who did not hesitate, in a movement denounced by Internet users, to cancel several outings. Among the victimswe find Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Filmmakers who learned of the cancellation of their film at the same time as the whole world, we knew the classier Warner.

If the film will probably never be released, a handful of people can see it during “ funeral projections organized by Warner.

Batgirl – Warner Bros Credits

In any case, this is what the Hollywood Reporter reports (via Batman News).

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Screenings reserved for the team

Batgirl will definitely sink into oblivion. In any case, this is what the various reports explain to us since even the directors no longer have access to it. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, on learning of the cancellation of the film, wanted to access the images but discovered that their access to the Warner server had been revoked.

Today, the Hollywood Reporter tells us that Warner organizes funeral projections ” of Batgirl with cast, crew and directors. One of the reasons for the film’s cancellation is the $90 million budget tax deduction. A single cost saving that buries an entire project.

If you’re wondering, it’s probably of an incomplete version. The directors have stated that Batgirl is not completely finished as some footage and special effects are missing.

We do not know what the film contains but one thing is certain, Warner risks putting it away in a safe after these screenings.

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