Meta’s new project will make more than one person happy. Indeed, it plans to set up a “customer service” whose main objective is to improve the browsing experience of users. The latter could finally have assistance and this, in person, when their publications or their accounts are deleted unexpectedly. This is a problem that really frustrates users of Meta apps because many lose their accounts due to unknown reasons.

So far, the platform has offered automatic assistance. For example, Facebook gives in its settings a list of e-mail, contact forms, fax and numbers to contact in case of problem. But these are just formalities because there are not even outcomes and some users even resort to illegal methods to solve their problem.


More details on the Meta project

Mark Zuckerberg’s company hasn’t said much about its plan to create more efficient customer service. She gave no details on how the division of this service would operate or be eligible for aid. On the other hand, we know that what motivated Meta to embark on this project are the reports of its supervisory board. This handles user requests to appeal Meta content decisions.

And it turns out that on several occasions he informed the company that users were asking for real assistance. Additionally, the board indicated that Meta should be more transparent in how it communicates with users about its decisions.

Users forced to use other alternatives to solve their problems

Users who no longer have access to their accounts, whether due to hacking or unjustified suspension, have little chance of recovering them. A very desperate situation for some people who use Meta’s automated tools in vain. These tools are so complicated and inefficient that users turn to other alternatives.

In some cases, they hire legal services or even hackers to try to recover their accounts. Sometimes they ask for help from leaders and social networks to help them solve the problem on their accounts. Thus, this new project should be welcomed by users.


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