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No one will say otherwise. In terms of commercial success, Marvel largely dominates DC Comics, which is struggling to find its way. Warner’s connected universe is struggling to take a direction with multiple timelines and independent projects like Joker Where The Batman. Without forgetting that recently, the major took an immediate decision by reconsidering all its plans. Batgirl was notably canceled in addition to a bunch of other productions.

But if the Snyderverse is definitively buried, its characters still remain. The proof with The Flash coming, Wonder Woman 3 or Aquaman 2. Jason Momoa dons the superhero costume with the firm intention of commercial success also important than the first installment.

But does this mean that the colossus fears competition from Marvel? Especially when you know that online, some fans oppose and debate, sometimes violently, about it. For Jason Momoa, this debate is meaningless. The Marvel/DC Comics rivalry doesn’t really exist.

Credit: Warner Bros.

An opinion shared during a new interview for The Wrap (via ScreenRant).

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Jason Momoa doesn’t want comparisons

Jason Momoa prepares the release of Fast and Furious 10 since the Hawaiian actor plays the big bad of this opus. But the general public also knows him as a superhero because the man portrays Aquaman in the DCEU.

If the DC Comics universe does not know the success of the MCU in cinema, the first feature film was a huge commercial success. We expect a similar reception for the second opus.

Interviewed for The Wrap, Jason Momoa believes that there is no rivalry to have between the two cinema publishing houses.

I don’t believe Marvel has Aquaman. We don’t have Guardians of the Galaxy or Thor. I think we just have to enjoy the movies we work so hard for. I look at Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth, they’re just my brothers doing a good job. So I don’t really compare myself. There is only one me.

Jason Momoa

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters December 14, 2022.

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