Jake Gyllenhaal to headline remake of cult film Road House

Although it received a mixed critical reception, the film Road House, released in 1989, has improved over time to be better appreciated by the public. To the point of being considered today by many cinephiles as a cult work.

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A redemption that allowed the film to be the subject of two remake projects. If the first was finally abandoned in 2015, the second dating from this year seems to be on the right track. He assembled an interesting team that promised to do justice to the fiery James Dalton, the film’s main character. In the new Road House, the role will be held by actor Jake Gyllenhaal replacing Patrick Swayze under the direction of Doug Liman, the director of the film Edge Of Tommorrow.

Road House: A commercial failure elevated to cult film status

In the world of cinema, it is not uncommon for a good film not to enjoy a favorable reception upon its release. What makes it disappear in the dustbins of history until an event puts it back on the front of the stage.

Road House seems to tick all the boxes to benefit from such a fate. When it was released in 1989, the film was poorly received by critics. Some magazines like Variety even called it a romantic western with scenes of gratuitous violence. Worse, in addition to not having had a convincing success at the box office, the film received a series of nominations at the Razzie Awards in 1990.

However, the central and very charismatic performance of Patrick Swayze gradually caused people to revise their position. Additionally, Road House subsequently enjoyed huge success on Blu-ray and television. What made that finally the film which was presented like a failure was classified with time with the rank of the cult films.

As a reminder, Road House stars American actor Patrick Swayze as James Dalton. The latter is the head of the bouncers at a roadside bar in a small town in Missouri. To perfectly fulfill his role, he uses his own methods to expel the thugs. They essentially vary between kicks, punches and even heads. He will then be led to protect the small town from the terror of a crooked businessman.


A shock team at the controls of the remake of Road House.

The new version is essentially inspired by the original version with a few key changes. This time around, Dalton was a former UFC fighter before becoming a bouncer at a bar in the Florida Keys. It won’t take long for him to realize that things don’t go his way in this tropical paradise.

And to embody this character that has become emblematic, we will have the 2006 Oscar nominee, Jake Gyllenhaal. The American actor has largely proven himself in the cinema, in particular in films like The Day After Tomorrow, The Secret of Brokeback Mountain or Donnie Darko. In addition, he will be accompanied by other talented actors like Billy Magnussen, Daniela Melchior, Gbemisola Ikumelo and even the UFC champion Conor McGregor who debuts as an actor. For his part, Doug Liman will be able to bring his expert hand to the film to make it a great film.

In addition, the production will be directed by Joel Silver under the banner of Silver Pictures. Although it doesn’t yet have a release date, the film is expected to debut on Amazon Prime Video.

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