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Since their arrival, the smartphones changed the way humans live. Now it’s easier to stay informed and communicate with friends and loved ones. But these gadgets have also brought their share of problemsand among the latter, there are pedestrians who don’t pay attention when they walk down the street.

Checking your smartphone while walking among cars is dangerous. To try to avoid accidentsthe city of hong kong had a rather original idea. It is place signal lights on the floor. According to an article by Bloombergthe new lights are being tested at 4 locations for a period of 6 months. The lights in question shine a red color on the pavement so that people hunched over their smartphones stop before setting foot on the road.


According to Alex Au, chief engineer of the Hong Kong Department of Transport in charge of traffic control, with the popularity of smartphones constantly increasing, some pedestrians are distracted.

A worsening situation

The reason behind the establishment of this new system of traffic lights in Hong Kong is clear. According to the Department of Transportation, the total number of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents has fallen this year. However, the number of deaths caused by pedestrians who did not obey traffic lights rose from 4 to 6 last year.

In the first half of 2022, 7 pedestrians lost their lives at crosswalks equipped with traffic lights. Among them, 4 had not obeyed the lights.

The reaction of the inhabitants

According to Bloomberg, the inhabitants do not all agree regarding the new signaling lights, even if they seem necessary. A resident of the city, for example, said that people will probably end up ignoring these “new inventions”. According to him, with the habit, the pedestrians will make as if they did not exist.

Let’s wait to see the test results of this new pedestrian signaling system. Anyway, it is always advisable not to use your smartphone when crossing the street, even if you use a pedestrian crossing.

SOURCE: Futuristic

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