This is one of the big releases of the beginning of next year for Square Enix (which already has a busy schedule in the coming months): Forspoken responds to Gamescom’s call and unveils a ten-minute long gameplay extract, detailing its game systems and its open world.

After a risky and mocked communication across the web at the beginning of this month of August, the Japanese publisher has decided to focus on moments of play for the new presentation of this exclusivity for PS5 consoles and PC. So many images to get your teeth into, while waiting to be able to get your hands on them…


Magic is multifunctional in the new Forspoken trailer

Magic is in the spotlight Forspoken, the next title from the Luminous Productions studio, the branch of Square Enix responsible for developing ambitious projects on the Luminous Engine house engine. Just to show off her abilities, these images are full of particle effects, physics and other artifices illustrating the powers of Frey Holland, the young protagonist of this adventure.

This pure New Yorker is transported by magic (literally) in the world of Athia, a fantastic kingdom placed under the yoke of Tantas. In order to undo this fartry in power, Frey will be aided by a bracelet gifted with speech, and cleverly named Cuff. The latter does not fail to make conversation during the new trailer, alternating advice and sarcasm in the English accent of rigour.

But the magic will not only be practical for clashes against the enemies that swarm the game map. Beyond these spectacular skirmishes, Frey will take advantage of the elements to cross the different parts of the kingdoms of Athia at full speed, between semi -teleportation and aerial dash. Pieces of mana collected during battles will improve the heroine’s abilities and, consequently, her ability to traverse hills and canyons more quickly. Expected for the end of 2022, the release of Forspoken has finally been postponed to January 24 on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.

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