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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is the new Marvel series that has just landed on Disney+. Its very first episode was broadcast on the streaming platform on August 18. In this series, we follow the story of Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), aka She-Hulk.

This young lawyer with a promising career is none other than the cousin of Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), alias Hulk. In the first episode, we discover how Jennifer transformed into the female version of her cousin. Spoiler alert!

Credit: Marvel Studios

It was after being accidentally infected by Bruce’s blood that Jennifer became She-Hulk. The first episode then showed us the workouts the Hulk put him through.

Don’t Forget the Post-Credits Scenes

The post-credits scenes have become the hallmark of Marvel productions. It can be found in movies as well as in series. And She-Hulk is no exception. Just watch the first episode of the series.

In this one, Jennifer is in the middle of a trial when Titania (Jameela Jamil) bursts in. The lawyer then decides to transform into She-Hulk to stop her enemy. This post-credits scene will not be the only one we will see in the series. Far from there.

MCU fans will be spoiled

With She-Hulk, MCU fans will be spoiled for post-credits scenes, and for good reason! Showrunner Jessica Gao said all episodes of the series will have one. At the microphone of Collider, the latter indicated that she particularly liked this kind of scenes.

“I love the post-credits scenes. I like to stay in the cinema and wait for the post-credits scenes of all the Marvel movies. I love the post-credits scenes that aren’t in the Marvel movies. I love post-credits scenes in any movie. It’s just like a special little bonus. It’s like a reward for your patience. It’s always a fun bonus. So that will always be part of it. I always wanted to have post-credits scenes. And for screenwriters who like to write comedies, if you tell them to write more jokes, they’ll write more jokes to you. »

In view of the statements of Jessica Gao, the post-generic scenes of She-Hulk could therefore be humorous.

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