Nordic Game Supply will release one of the most compact gaming keyboards on the market

When you take a quick look at it, it looks like a simple children’s toy. Yet the new keyboard from Nordic Game Supply (NGS), an independent seller of video games, computer hardware and related peripherals, is none of that.

Credit – Nordic Game Supply

Entitled The Shrimp, the new peripheral from NGS is rather a mechanical keyboard presented as being ultra compact. It can be used very easily with a laptop, especially when traveling. The Danish-headquartered company said during its presentation that it was a product that offered a better alternative to the large keyboards available in the market. Which partly explains why the Shrimp sports a very different design from traditional keyboards.

A keyboard that is quite easy to use

NGS said its new keyboard featured a classic layout for its keys. The only difference is that unlike other keyboards, not all keys are available on the Shrimp.

Credit – Nordic Game Supply

In the image, we have the impression of dealing with a QWERTY keyboard cut out at the limit of the 4, R, F, V and Space keys. Which makes it a fully modifiable 25-key keyboard. This is a deliberate choice on the part of the manufacturer who has bet everything on the useful keys in a gaming game. The keyboard has Gateron G Pro type switches as well as noise dampening devices.

Overall, the NGS Shrimp features a sleek design and features a detachable and magnetically attachable palm rest. It has a soft padding and a textured surface that give it great comfort in use. To work, it does not need any software and is very easy to install.


NGS has not yet given any date for the marketing of the keyboard

During its presentation, the Danish manufacturer also said that the keys of the Shrimp have large letters as well as lighter and improved RGB lighting. Its height and shape are very close to those of a classic Cherry.

The keyboard has a USB-C connector that allows it to work easily with any type of device. So it can be used on a desktop computer, laptop, game console or any standard HID-compliant USB device. But of course, its use is limited to video games.

Finally, it must be said that Nordic Game Supply has not given any precise date about when it intends to launch the marketing of its new product. The company has simply indicated that the Shrimp will be available in the various markets as soon as its development has reached the highest level. It will therefore be necessary to wait a little before taking control of the ultra-compact gaming keyboard from NGS.

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